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i just realised i haven’t blinked in the last 3 hours or so


i can’t wait to get some patio furniture for the balcony and lots of flowers ones that climb and all sorts of other gay things like BLOOM and SWAY. we have a sweet balcony and we make zero use of it, this year that is all going to change.

don’t worry, i’m sick of me too.


here is some of MY BOOK because i love you

Jan 4 2008 11.40am

I’m wating in a tiny booth right now for my pelvic ultrasound. i have been awake since 8.15am i haven’t eaten, no coffee and now i am chugging water like mad cos my bladder wasn’t full enough. i went to the wrong building twice so i was late for my appointment and i can hear the technician talking shit about the eleven o’clock (me) fuck them you realise i am behind a curtain only and i can HEAR YOU! to top it off they won’t even check my kidney! i said wtf i’m here you have all the equipment why not just check it and i started crying and said i have been in so much pain for long i want to know what is wrong with me! i’m going to ask again and they will say no. the reason i’m here is for my pelvis my doctor felt a bump it’s probably nothing, i have an appt. jan. 9 w/ her fuck why didn’t i just check off the abdomen whatever option on my requisition form!? this is just great my art show is jan. 8 i’m stressed to the max fuck my life. i think i’m going to get some blond highlights after this my mom isn’t driving me too nuts yet i’m too tired to have the capacity of allowing her chatter penetrate my brain we were up til 2 cos we have guitar hero 3 now i was online drunk chatting can’t wait to re-read all the stupid things i said i basically propositioned monstergirl and said 10000 embarrassing things i think i’ll text her now to follow up.

jan 31 2008 2.54pm @ Fresh on bloor

i swear to god some famous hollywood guy is here i can’t think of his name though, al pacino-like but not FUCK! what’s his goddamn name and what movies has he been in i can’t fucking think of a single one he keeps looking at me staring at him this is going to bug the shit out of me for my entire lunch i ordered a beach bowl and i’m sick.

gabriel burns.

book title:

it’s ok i disapprove of you way more

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