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things i got done w/o the internet

hi internet i’m so PUMPED to be on you!

transcribed all of my journals and then some into MY BOOK word doc

took out some recycling

tackled the retarded book shelf, got rid of a ton of books, cleaned that shit right up, took forever, still looks a bit sloppy, brought a huge bag to bmv, they denied so many (they prefer paperback) made 5 dollars, a homemade copy of BOOGIE NIGHTS slipped out of the dude where’s my car vhs (thanks jeff) we bumped into chloe so she was there to witness that, i selected some of the reject books for her to take home.

went through the change drawer separated the quarters from the dimes nickels and pennies, brought that to coinstar at dominion (everyone LOVES to watch this event it’s like vegas)(no quarters, those are for laundry)(tho i did get fed up sorting and threw some in anyway) and got 62 bones! fil was impressed, the bag weighed just under ten pounds.

called rogers made appt. for techie guy who just came by now turns out our modem is crapped out, he changed all our ancient cables though and he was really nice and impressed with fil’s bottle cap collection.

i made a cute video of me making oj banana rum smoothies

we rented this is england the last nite bunny was here (i didn’t have any booze), it skipped the whole way thru, returned it and demanded a new movie no not the same one we watched it skips and all and no i am NOT taking advantage of your movie store it’s the other way around no i don’t know the policy yes i’ve been a custy forever this is the first time i’ve bothered complaining about it, same chick i was forced to be passive aggressive to in the past in order to get her to stop being a witch to me all the time.

went for a walk

made a salad

ate it

i feel loads better, i spent 30 bucks on pepto, eano and sleeping pills (just in case) cos with the tone-downed drinking my mind starts racing at nite and i can’t sleep then i narrow in on fil’s loud breathing. sigh. i hope i don’t enter a mania again. howevs, mania = tiny waist!

walked by the chinese consulate vigil last nite got some pics and vid it made me cry and makes the disaster real.

fil is trying to declare internet free weekend yeah right i’m rippin’ someone’s signal right now see how long it lasts.

i took bunny to h&m (her first time!) and the change room girl asked us if we were going to a theme, uh what, uh no, we’re just crazy. i tried on the marimekko design bikini and dudes my body is NOT ready for the beach, the one piece was ok but not sucky-inny enough, i grabbed everything in the wrong size too cos i was just reading off the hangers. if i had grabbed it in an 8 i probably woulda bought it. bunny talked me out of the orange/pink print shirt i wish i didn’t listen to her, not everyone gets my vision. i had a fluorescent orange shirt back when i was cray cray very similar to the one i DIDN’T BUY but traded it for this shittier shirt at a party many summers back and never saw the girl again. i got this other pink shirt and a cutesy dress from winners.

note to self: don’t try on swimsuits when suicidal.

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