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fil got a slice of depression pie because we walked all the way to the dominion plaza on college to get a new modem and it isn’t there anymore then his camera fucked up and he got hella crabby (it’s fine now).

we drove to the rogers on bloor/jarvis to get a new modem and now we are back in business hooray. after that i got a butter pecan skinny latte at second cup and that panhandler who goes please help me please help me in this fake pathetic voice on his trolley old person on wheels walker he uses cos he’s wicked huge, anyway the point of this is we’ve been seeing him since forever, since we moved to this neighbourhood (i can remember him from before that even) and he’s still pullin’ the same please help me bullshit he barks it at you and i dunno today it just made me want to scream in his face HELP YOURSELF ASSHOOOOOOLE! i didn’t. when i came out of second cup he was gone and fil said he didn’t see him leave, we have never actually seen him walk or drag himself away or whatever he does.

so he wants help right? no he wants money and he’s clearly been getting it by way of panhandling for years, i want to be like dude, this thing isn’t working and you’re full of complete shit please refrain from asking me for help when i walk by thanks.

and yes i feel like a prick for writing this, but sometimes i just have to say these things, on the internet, for thousands and thousands to read. ungh.

-bipolar out.

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