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here’s me with my one true blackest of black friends. tyranny. he’s a mouthpiece that’s fo’sho. he be my pill poppin’ buddy. he’s more white trash than i. and no we don’t do it.

the nice special people who make donations to me please gimme yer email address so i can send you thank you mails. but if you’d rather be annonymous i understand. i love you.

i feel like i’ve lost touch with civilization. the world outside the drapes is right-mean. i only understand movies i’ve seen no less than eight years ago. there are minimal rules and structure in my life. no cigarettes before 7pm unless i’m pulling an all-nighter which means 7pm equals the beginning of the end and people should be eating breakfast. don’t work more than two days in a row for more than three hours at a time. make sure the cat does not eat the weed. always remember to send panic-stricken, meaningless text messages to all acquaintances and friends once you recognize it is one in the afternoon and people are on their lunchbreaks, wearing ties, sitting at office desks and you’re trying to pay attention to 4 minutes of B A R A K A without bleeding from the veins in your eyeballs. coming to the conclusion that finite math, trigonometry, calculus and algebrae (brae!?) will only bring copious amounts of stress into my life therefore spending as little time as conceivably possible, thinking of such things is probably a great idea and might just be suitable for first place on my list of rules to keep.

wow that last sentence tired me out.

someone please tell me what to do/where to go for New year’s Eve.

PS – thanks GR for the donation. now i can buy rainbow striped socks and a nickel bag. yes!

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