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fuck you.

yah i’ve been pretty impressed with the amount of things i’ve somewhat, um, been accomplishing despite the tiny sum of sleep hours pulling in. please disregard all errors of syntax and uhhh, run-on sentences.

that is all.

oh jesus that was pretty pathetic.

let me try again.

thank you for all the positive support and/or praise and patience with my not returning phonecalls, emails and ignorant comebacks. the lightbulb in my kitchen exploded and i found out when i stepped in to grab a cd and a hat and a copy of my book and then i left. i am avoiding my own space. it feels like i am either gaining or losing days and my words no longer make any sense and i sometimes find myself growing tired of my own voice but then i realise i haven’t been talking for very long.

i know that i am a big fan of self-medicating, it seems.

i have not hit rock bottom.

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