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in the lion’s den

Hello there blog world. What to say, what to do today. My last day in Detroit. Was supposed to leave yesterday but you know how she goes. Once you’re here you’re here.

This is an MC5 mural by Robert Sestok they’re a band from Detroit. Legends. I saw their doc during film fest when I was 19 years old and was kind of blown the fuck away. They were in the audience too and all stood up afterward and shyly shot the shit. I was dating the Spaniard at the time, uber music elitist that he was and we were separated in our seats, the theatre was packed and it was one of those super theatres at the Varsity cinemas or maybe I am making the room larger in my memory based on the experience alone. Anywho. It’s neat to be here and see this mural and like a dingaling be like, ya I know what’s up.. I got hella more pics of my journey here this trip but it will have to wait til I am back in Toronto cos I ain’t uploading from here also for some reason my instagram doesn’t push to my flick anymore like it should I bet I had to reconfirm the app sync whatever.

We went to comedy at Baker’s lounge and it “was everything”. As the only whities in there it was especially surreal. It completely changes your perspective on political correctness, like absolutely throws whatever I had left of it out the window. If I can take it then I can take it. Makes you feel fearless. People have been horrible enough to me and my life is difficult enough that I really do not care what you think about me or say, cos it has all been done. Toronto is a vaccuum for people like this. Y’all muthafuckers couldn’t handle 8 mile road. Just kidding. The point is I am allowed to fangirl myself, my life, the things I experience. If other people can’t be happy for me, they can just keep being miserable then.

My friends have been rehearsing for an upcoming gig and they have Janin in from Romania while I’m here we’re so bohemian like that. He’s a solid producer, lights, sound, all of that and I am not even going to pretend to talk like I know anything about this shit (although I kinda do) but it has been great to see Konqistador up close and personal. Lizzy is other worldly when she performs. So many times when we are hanging I’m like who are these people, how is this real, and why am I here.

I’m missing the show cos I’m coming back again for a thing next weekend. I’m working this Friday at the pub, DJ Misty is playing it’s going to be intense and yes this is another read between the lines moments, you should roll on by.

Love the smoke break crew. I have a collection of photos of these guys spanning the few times I have been here. They keep me humble and real. The struggle is real. Okay it’s sandwich time smell ya later. I’ll be writing more in-length about Detroit someday soon. It is hot right now. Like. The place is hot. I just have so much to say! Til next time, your pal Raymi.

4 thoughts on “in the lion’s den

  1. instagram has been posting pictures to flickr as private, wtf. Confused the hell out of me at first because I couldn’t see them in my photostream but I could in the camera roll. Way to make it as confusing as possible flickr.

  2. 5chw4r7z – the world just stopped while i deleted pics from my phone so i could update instagram. so those pics are all in my flickr and i dont have to re-upload? Just in some private folder I do not need? Ugh.

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