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hope you like dying cos i’ma kill you

Greatings. Good tidings in general to all, you purveyors of stuff you purvey and blogs you read of things people permit you to see. Blogging is about seeing and being seen.

Yesterday decided to go d/t btown to my old haunts for a beach power walk then mom and philip met up with us.

I pigged out yesterday. After restricting all afternoon. I am insane. I had fries. Shared a ghetto burger. Then we had nachos at Emmas. Sangria. Then sour candy at Mad Max, plus pop A LOT, and popcorn. Then I had a KFC cookie. Then I got my period at 4am with the worst cramps ever. Cool story.

I’m doing this post because I feel bad in not giving a little something to the immediate audience. If I squirrel away and only work on my book 7 days a week the fires that are burning will go out. Also it’s a means to procrastinate some more.

It’s been a stressful couple of weeks.

I love the waterfront.

That’s a mandarin pop. About the time my diet efforts took a nosedive.

Went on an adventure hike date then had a burger on kelsey’s patio in the sun. Dating is insane can I just say that for a second? All these people come in and out of your life, pile up. I get unsolicited dick pics, weird attacks about the amount of chances I “have been given” to get a move on with such and such a guy I haven’t even conversed at all with yet! Guys ARE INSANE!!! Anyway. I have been passive and I think that makes them mental too. I “Houdini” out. I do not have a positive outlook on tinder and exactly what happens when you go on dates and if it goes further then it doesn’t go any further than that so I have been giving guys zero chances, not going out… but I still want to be active and I like variety. Maybe I average 3 dates a month? 2?

We saw that coming back down. Yikes.

Guys don’t really leave you alone until they’ve had sex with you or if they haven’t and I’m not really doing that with anyone so you can guess how many guys are bugging the shit out of me right now hahaha. The single girl always gets it the worst. Attacked, harassed or smothered.

I want to do more modelling gigs. Who do I reach out to for that?

I made this. I am done being a purist and not using oil or butter when I make eggs and be fucking with them sticking to the pan. Margarine is the answer.

WILL put my painting together SOON. Without buckles this time.

This guy was like shave your legs. I was like they ARE shaved and smoothed YOU STUPID FUCKING ASSHOLE!! JK but I wanted to. Men piss me off all day long morning noon night with their dumb ass commentary. I loved Mad Max so much with bitches taking over I am that level-rage when a bro so much as chimes in a teeny bit negatively to me about me lol.

I made the dopest marinade for these breasts. I am getting into baked potatoes too a little bit. I find that re-introducing carbs a little bit has actually helped my metabolism like they’re a new toy for my body to deal with and my stress hole is loving the addition and playing ball right back.

I’ve been annoyed with all my shorts being too big for me and then it dawned on me that maybe “it was time” to pluck these out of my underwear drawer’s top right corner where I have been hoarding them for 3 years. They fit, albeit tightly as frig but still, still! I was a beanpole when I bought these. I wore them to The black keys (what’s up Nicky you remembered!) and now I get the privilege of them camel toeing me all over again like the ageless beauty I am.

Our wardrobes are lifelong personal curations and luckily I stick to certain matchy palettes of neon it’s so easy to pull things altogether. I’m about to do a purge then I am going to reward myself with some new pieces.

Sorry if this offends your sensitive sensibilities but I had to share the loving insides of my shorts. When I found them at UO, each dyed pair was unique unto itself these vintage shredded daisy duke levi’s and it only took me a few try-ons to absolutely know these were the ones that’s why I have never given up on my slimming down goal just for these dumb ass shorts. I tried to give them to my niece but she’s too lithe so it was up to Aunt Raymi alone to get’er done. That’s how you stick to your body goal dreams. I know there’s a few ladies who have adopted my odd diet regimes and are seeing results so I tip my crazy hat to you.

Okay that’s all I budgeted for today I have some tasks to tackle xo!!!

To be continued.

5 thoughts on “hope you like dying cos i’ma kill you

  1. Hahaa
    That last pic is so cute
    And so are those frigging shorts
    I’ve got a LONG ways to go but have lost 15lbs in just over a month but more so I feel really great and am resetting my fucked up portion control(lack thereof) and learning to give my body what it needs.
    Our experiences are different but thanks for being a wee bit of an inspiree from afar

  2. I’ve followed your blog since 2004 and I can tell how much your body, not just your hair, have changed. When you bleached your hair platinum blond, your body was so skinny. I like you better now. Keep up with the healthy good shape.

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