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babe it up baby

Hi it’s me again having a good day? The sky is raining snow at mach ten right now. I just heard a multitude of ducks quacking like bananas down on the water while I let Rocky chew on the dry dead grass plant that has been his bff since autumn/all season long and it’s thirsty throwback Thursday holla!

I googled “ooh ooh jock .gif” to get that one. I was hoping to somehow find a particular gif (with noise like that is even real haha you are dreaming) of when you go, “ooh ooh” but not sex ooh ooh ugh nevermind!!!! I will just have to record it sometime never.

I did laundry and could not resist trying these on all folded crisp and tiny like. I was glum yesterday and told myself once I shower do my hair paint my face you will get into these tiny fucking shorts and take ass selfies to cheer yourself up.

Haha diaperish. I was bigger when I got these while in Aruba. I went to Aruba twice in my life, the first time as a beanpole the second time MEGA JUICY.

I am not eating or sleeping right now so I am looking hella tired and not eating affects my over all well being mentally, but I just don’t have an appetite which happens when I am consumed by stress. I was born looking hella tired. Actually one day last week I actually looked good I think. I don’t think I will ever accept or embrace the french girl dark under eye shadow. I read an awful comment about me the other day that was half totally untrue and extremely extremely bashing of my looks. That’s why I cringe when people attack what’s her face from Sex and the City, SJP. “Horseface”?? How dare you. Not true. Sure it blew my mind with mystery when I saw her in that Vegas movie many years ago and truly gave me hope because of her fucked up nose because I have a fucked up nose but guess what!? Fucked up nosese are nice, people! That Chelsea chick from Brooklyn 99 has one too. I knew a girl who had a crazy nose back when I was in Brooklyn who reminds me of Brooklyn 99 chick and she made me seethingly jealous because when I came onto the scene this particular big nosed chick became extra nice to my older boyfriend whom she had fucked a month or so before me so in girl older woman world, she owned him more. Anyway, anyway, hella big nose love over here and if you have a fucked up nose you are totally welcome here too. You would not even believe the extremely racist nickname my Uncle had in highschool because of his nose. I am more concerned with under eye bags than noses though. Your nose and ears keep growing as you age so we are all fucked anyway.

End of nose rant.

I bought this blue shirt on Sunday. The beige cardi is a more expensive version of a cardigan I already own but is kinda dingey now. People always repeat buy the same things for years and years.

Sorry for being a downer. Exercising and socialization always helps. I remember when I never exercised and always complained on my blog about how fat I was but did nothing about it. Some people never get it and never learn. You have ot take charge of your shit.

My throwback contribution. I was thinking I liked how I looked and I was proud of it but I can’t show my nipples here it’s just too much too improper to people who think they’re super fucking proper but no matter what I’ll get slagged for daring to be narcissistic. It’s not about being nude it’s about being preened and proud that makes people irate. I can picture several women I knew in irl, one in particular actually who was always a mega hater of me, super bitchy to all women in fact and is notorious for how nasty she was to other women and she was always super passive aggressive toward me. She obsessively read my blog too. God my blood is boiling now thinking about all of this and I bet hers sure as shit is. I bet she would fight me in a cage she hates me so goddamn much God it’s great to let this all out. Why should I be afraid to? I don’t know. You don’t know which person I’m talking about so whatever I am dead to that entire circle anyway once I split with my ex. Poof.

I was younger than all those guys anyway too and I know I am “not young” now, but I’m still younger so I can still post bedroom selfies because it’s my bedroom and not a succession of men’s bedrooms. Also I will be moving soon. News bomb. I will miss my room and my epic view of the lake from it. Time to slowly make my move back toward Toronto.

New buddy!

Had all you can eat and was stuffed after the first round we ordered. Bf got a new job, we will be seeing less of each other which is likely the key to bumming me out. Well it’s part of it.

Never a dull moment which is likely the problem!

Spiritually and habitually yours, RLW.

Party on ello!

8 thoughts on “babe it up baby

  1. thank you for accepting my giant nose for what it is. LOL

    and i TOTALLY know who you are talking about ;)


  2. Um yea I see nothing wrong with your nose. I’ve been asked twice if I’m a “Russian jew” because of my nose. I think my nose is pretty normal looking. People spend too much time worrying about other people’s looks.

  3. I’m kind of loving how this entry brings the gossip. I don’t have a clue who you’re talking about but it’s fun to speculate.

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