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Raymbo mailbag

Hello Raymi – time again for my approx six-monthly “hello” to you. This one occasioned by your 15th blogversary.

Many congratulations. It’s an outstanding landmark, and hard to believe that on and off I have been following your blog for most of that time… since around 2001 anyway. How I ever found it is a mystery but it is continually fabulous to be able to peer into a life so different to mine.

Good luck with the band… and whatever else your multi-faceted self is getting up to. Here’s the next 15 years.

I’m in ________, of all places, at the moment, having moved from London last year. I’ll likely have a bit of business in Toronto some time in the next six months so I meet seek out some lunch or dinner tips.

Keep being marvellous.



PS. don’t forget about MY BOYFRIEND IS ANGRY because ALL BOYFRIENDS ARE lol.

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