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So I decided to give you a break from bed photos of me for ONE post and by you I meant me as well cos fuck does it ever get boring coming up with new captions for what is essentially the same photo over and over again like a big symphony of so what but I then realized I had no extra energy to blog anything other than photos of me on a bed right now so lets just get this over with. I’ve been writing stand-up material so all the creative juices are going that-a-way so just deal with these beautiful pictures of me instead thanks for understanding.

Tracey gets props for demanding I get into this get-up again.

This one is pretty water nymphe.

Here I am being blown away by the test shots on my phone.

Back in my look before the white dress.

My mom said not to use these ones because too much butt. BUT. This is what I look like. Is that not body shaming? Think about it. If Beth Ditto was in the same outfit in the same pose everyone would be fucking cheering good for her. Sorry that I have an ass fit for a statue.

Yes I am dying about it too it’s hella obscene ahahhaa.

This is the orig of the one everyone liked a lot that I instagrammed blahblergitty blah.

I think my ass has that quivering warp because I was ass nervous in front of my mom cos she was so against us being too provocative. It’s art. There is a story about a porn star being filmed by her own father, I’m saying grosser things have been done and there is nothing inappropriate in this shoot here. Look at Miley Cyrus. The end.

Okay I’ve come to the end of the pics I want to share now. Back to BOYLORD rehearsal + writing stand-up material. I am rather stoked about this Friday. Click the banner at the top of my blog to connect to the FACEBOOK event page, love!

Ps. Drag Queen Raymi!

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