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Hi guys sorry I didn’t blog yesterday I was tired! You’re sick of me anyway so I’m sure you didn’t mind. At least I went through these shots and whittled down part II to 60 of them. O_O. I’m going to be posting less than that don’t worry. Being me is exhausting, in case you were wondering. I had other shit to do as well. I wrote more stand-up material too. Every time I say some sex jokes to my bro-friend he’s like NOPE! So that is a bit of a deterrent. Maybe I won’t invite him so I can make fun of him freely. I’m gonna have to get wicked fucking drunk to get through this.

I have confirmed a few celebs who will be in attendance this Friday. A celeb is someone who is more famous than me. So if you’re a Raymi fan and fan girl me plus see ME as a celebrity then boy are you in luck.

Guess why this one is cool it’s because it’s number 666! Blargh! Devil horns etc & so forth.

I bought those glasses that very day and look how dirty the lenses got so quickly.

The flyer original.

Lots of out takes. We had fun.

I was bed dancing. Trying to. We were having camera battery issues and losing daylight.

And I guess art was made.

If you want to ask me about that thing on my shoulder go right ahead. I can’t wait to go back to the plastic surgeon who screwed it all up and show him the fruits of his labours.

This is probably my typical resting emo face. I can ice you out like no other.

I’m in a baby crib. Symbology!

Hi again. Full original shot.

Can you figure out why I am laughing here. Hint: I farted.

These are all backwards in order btw.

And totally 100% my mom’s idea.

Try everything at least once no matter how cheesy I guess.

Sorry to be a douche and cut this short again, there’s just too many more to go.

Olive branch for now. I have writing to do. byeeeeeeeee

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