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Enhancing experiences circa 2000.

Hiiiiiiiiiii. I’m exhausted. The time after work just flew by, doing this, that. It’s so dark so early now (said everyone else already ever) so it makes you feel sleepier much earlier like every waking second you’re in trouble and should already be in bed.

My hair is all ready for tomorrow so that saves time. I’m pretty disappointed in my dye choice, I should return the extra box I bought (hell yeah) and get the one I bought last time which was a smash hit.

I went as a biker’s lady one night, a very low key outfit. Also based on a real life ex biker chick I know, man she’s had an interesting life.

Didn’t feel like going out period (I seldom do) but I did and I had fun so it was cool. It’s just maybe a living life on pause kind of feeling, or it was that week. I’m getting used to this.

Woah yo check that out. But wait look.

Fun dinner. My mom was wearing her bunny ears and I was sitting beside a couple , the wife of which last saw me as a little kid so here I am all growed up drankin’ wine with them haha. I doubt I barely made an impression as a little shit kid though, I think I can kind of remember her. It’s easy to tell yourself you remember things that you absolutely do not/nor ever happened so whatever. But no I do remember.

When I crash with my mom and get up to pee at least 50 times it’s a wild assortment of cats in the bathroom with me, they’re like waiting to run into the bedroom and all starts rolling around on the carpet while I stare at them bleary eyed like, really? I have to sleep with a sweater or something over my face cos my mom’s room is so light. I forget the name of this cat, it’s my mom’s fav though cos it’s teeny runt litter-like plus cross-eyed.

See. How gorgeous is this cat, she is the spitting image of her father (the stud who makes all the other kittens) except she is teenier in every way, she sits like a muppet in the dopiest way a lot of the time and you’re like, is that a real cat? Dad is fixed now and he is fully a prehistoric super cat, he ripped open my Nana’s hand once. Who needs friends when you have more cats who are friends? Living proof right here. My new job is stimulating and I am a loner anyway.

I have so many pictures of Iggy allow me to count the ways in which I feel more like a loser. He’s depressed. BF laughs like hell about that alleged statement my mom always echoes. Everything is so depressed here. baha. Well he was more socialized before and if I were a lizard (chameleon, sometimes Iguana depending how stupid I am that day) I’d be scared like shit too if cats were sitting on the screen-only ceiling of my habitat or breaking into the wire side panelling too!! I actually wouldn’t have time at all to be depressed I’d be too busy battling for my life guy!

So after my interview where they gave me the job right then and there after said interview I took my dad out for burgers and beer (the spesh for 13 bones yeah!) and I was on cloud nine. We watched Rob Ford take the podium and deliver his fake crying speech, what a surreal moment I was like good day for me, bad day for him. I don’t want to get into the whole divided camps of pro/against Ford and the addictions sympathy bandwagon thing like, at all because I know so many smug people whom’s careers would be outright destroyed too if their skeletons ever saw light like, honestly STFU already throwing stones from glass houses kinda thing buuut it does seem insane how he keeps going, picks himself off the floor (mom’s words) and goes back in again, and right after that false friend films him on a flip out. The whole thing is just too mean I think and a total circus show for everyone involved. The time we met and ambushed him, I even felt bad then because I knew I was going to go home and blog everything that went down and not to cast Ford in an awful light but like his buffoonery specifically, the guy knows not what he does it is as simple as that and shame on the public for voting him into office in the first place and then shame on the Canadian guilted-up public for getting Stockholm Syndrome over his antics and then liking him, suburban sympathy is a mega-powerhouse.

It was custie appreesh night at another local of ours so after my burger with dad (I only had half so) I ate the bar with mom. They were dicks for being chill over us ordering (paying for) wings (a double order!) then bringing out all the free food, they do it to us every year and I always go there feeling fat/leaving fat. Sorry I love the drink tickets and food but that joint always bores me to tears plus cougars are mean to me and stare at everything my mom and I do like ice queens. It’s the single, it’s poisonous. Each time I took a photo of her I’d say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM (it was her bday after all) and at one point had to say to this one wet blanket of a chick that taking pictures of food, is a thing. FOODIE? NO? Ugh. Then when they left two more mean mavens sat down, mom and I just laughed it was so ridiculous. Having our friend Philip with us sure pissed them off too. Sorry for celebrating my mom’s birthday much?? I kept going out for smokes and talking to bf on phone honestly I think we made their night more enjoyable because they had something to hate. They ruined my night though.

Suggested to our Creative Director to steal this idea. I think it’s brilliant. The colour bleed to edge. Yeah.

I feel like a crazy person I swear my headphones are here somewhere, did I leave them at the office? I used an airplane pair today, not the best quality because I assumed my white pair (ipod) were at home and I just tore this room apart hence the crazy person self vibe. Whatevssssss see my faded tips, what am I folk rock? (kind of?)

Wow, sorry Wednesday Addams yeeeesh.

5 thoughts on “Enhancing experiences circa 2000.

  1. You amaze me. You really do.
    Its your attention to detail. And your recall. You quietly and sometimes noisily observe your surroundings and then spit it all back in print with precise detail but also with funny anecdotes and your own feelings of what was happening at the time.
    Its a gift, it truly is.
    And its not something you learn.
    It just is. Its you.

    Now it just so happens you are surrounded by a family of eccentrics and a funny farm cornucopia of animals who are equally sporting strange personalities of their own. A goldmine for character writing and you do it well.

    In the middle of the night, those cats make a beeline for the bathroom when you sneak in to pee and sit and stare while you do your business. I stare back and ask myself, “how the hell did I get here”.

  2. no there is more.

    Thanks for taking me out for my bday. I had to laugh at your description of the women who sit and stare at us when we are giddy and taking photos of the beautiful and odd moments of the evening. The scowls and back handed insults sometimes disguised as compliments I notice your blood boils. The women really get your goat. Yet at my age you really don’t care what the broads say or think. You just enjoy the evening. And what gets to them the most is they can’t have fun in the moment. They can’t understand our fun or laughter. How to just let go. How to forget the bad parts and leave your troubles at the door. That’s the key.

  3. “no there is more” grabbing ur sleeve and shining a flashlight under her face before you enter the cabin.

    in the wednesday adams pic you look abouuuuuuuut 16

  4. Yay! Just yay for another new post which I greedily read! You hair rocks, love the darker shades on you! That kitty looked like it’s ears were enlarged, such a handsome cat it is and will be :) Love your introspective point of view. Never stop blogging please. And major congrats on your new job, woo hoo! ☺️☺️☺️☺️

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