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Just deal Ally Mcbeal

Here are two pictures of me being in love with myself in a mirror in the North East of Ottawa, I was feeling my hair. Plus Whiskey. There is absolutely nothing else to do in this town and it occurs to me I didn’t write about or blog our time there, I just made a file to send to BF‘s uncle of all our pics and rediscovered all these magical memories. Plus this watering hole dirty mirror collection of my visage. Trying to get more into the writing habit so bear with me while I do more of that on this here blog. I’m working on something at the moment too btw.

I actually visited this town before a few years ago. Small world and town for real.

And me today. Thx for the tank Shannon! Everyone thought I was a stripper today at the market. Grool!

And Wasaga last weekend. We had an amazing time at Shannon’s cottage and recovered from it all week long lol. Worth it.

Hitting the beach uber early was the best, is, the best. Normally you drive up and don’t make it til like 3 or 4. We got there around 10, 11? Completely deserted it was truly paradise and fantasizing treasuring that will help get me through winter.

Perfs beach car too.

Ok I go now, bro gf and her kid are over. We went out with them last night for grub at the pub and I only drank gingerale. I’m battling with the tedium of sobriety, it’s so boring. It’s harder to write too just a little.

Make pizza not war.

TV time then ribs. Oh lawrdy. xo rlw.

btw this guy followed me today! :) Seriously it shouldn’t make my day as much as it does, but also, it should and does. That is all.

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