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And now for some fresh “real” pics. This is barely scratching the surface but the files are huge and I’m clogging up all the bandwidth.

Ate a lot of wild blueberries and raspberries on our hike which is a good sign when the berry season is good that bears won’t wander into town but higher chance of bumping into one grazing at your neighbouring blueberry bush, yikes.

Had a refreshing swim during a bit of rain and immediately after the sky cleared up then we went canoeing.

Mosquitoes are attracted to black so I changed out of my cat shirt into this shirt sail. My grey version of it has gone missing. Sad face.

Our personal Sean Connery guide. While we were destroying all the lily pads and wild water flowers he just calmly sat and waited snapping our pictures, can’t wait to see those haha. It’s hard to steer with two people, usually a couple.

Orig pic sans instagram.

Beginning of our falls hike.

Taking pretty easily to this forest toolbag get-up.

Plenty of amazing discoveries to be found in there. It was a 4km hike all in. Sean Connery had a cane and still schooled us. To be fair though I needed help at certain junctures along the way with my ankle.

Then we were fungry for burgers, never ate one so fast. Then we boiled water over fire to wash the dishes in a pot. RUSTICAL Raymes.

Not as hosed as I look just caught mid-blink. Testing the camera settings.

Not much else to do in terms of night life so we made do. Left a mini living room for our waitress and cigarette bonus.

I use to leave a chair everyday on a streetcar seat for someone made from my transfer then go sit elsewhere. I caught many rider’s joy from finding them, delicately folding and putting in their purses or briefcases. Adorable right.

Party lights. That Lincoln mkZ sure made the week awesomer and we looked fancy with our s together. Very much so recommend.

Ain’t she a beaut.

We then went to Barron canyon through Algonquin, in Algonquin. Spectacular.

You get a bit of the heebie jeebies and picture yourself falling a lot or your lover and then thinking about wthell would you do? Both getting nervous for one another’s safety and snapping to GET BACK. Seriously don’t get complacent near any ledge with a crazy drop.

Oh hi again :)

Had enough exploring at this point and of taking photos of every single tree and thing that breathed or cats a shadow. Man look at that roof!

Dutchness all over the house.

Cute kids.

Ran through my monkey and only trampled my heart. I saw them coming knew it would happen and didn’t even care.

At the scene of this potato is when a man (that’s his truck there) came up to us and asked about the rims it was pretty forward in that he fully RAN to us. I was like uh am I going to get told off for taking a picture of a potato now? Okay folks that’s that.

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  1. omg girl i am just shovelling my face full of food. yes it is adorable you left a little bitty chair for someone! moments like that make me miss the city for about a millisecond! Grocery store crying!

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