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Hi sorry I’m back

I mean sorry for being away not sorry I’m back. Pretty tired from all that driving and today got up early to drop off car then were stranded at Pearson cos all rentals were sold out wtf blah blah have a new car now it’s all fine but my brain is telling me it wants to play hooky for one more day.

Had a great trip/time, share that all with you tomorrow just getting back in to the groove of thing thangs. This boy is seeing lots and lots of Ontario (and a bit of Quebec too!) yay. Sister prob coming out in September.

Bye now!

4 thoughts on “Hi sorry I’m back

  1. black and white and pastels fuck yes.

    be a pixilated flag waver in a 1991 racing wasaga arcade game. more like fashion bICON! rigght ???? right!!!!! i swear i wrote for playboy. i swear!!!!

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