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lurk at me

Hey gal pals and guy pals. My teeny little Toronto complex troll finally blew a gasket yesterday and reappeared (UGH) so you have her to thank for this narcissistic defensive post but whatever I was going to post a bunch of pretty pictures of myself at some point anyway, you don’t get all the credit.

Zero filter face. Can you show us your haggard under eyebags without a filter, lady? Pfft I doubt it. Here is another flawless picture from last week, click to enlarge it. Zero photoshop, I never do that, zero filters too. I don’t think you’ve posted a filter-less photo in three years or one w/o sunglasses.

Here’s just a whatever one. Simple and arty. Can you be calm, present in your own life and own a simple portrait of yourself proudly? Do you have to hate on absolutely everything you see someone else doing that has totally nothing to do with your stupid fucking shallow try hard life?

Wow I look SO HAGGARD. Look at those disgusting teeth and ridiculous fugly face.

Holy shit this is the grossest I have ever looked I better make a zany facial expression to fill in all my crow’s feet and wrinkles to trick you guys in to thinking I am pretty, no wait, no need to cos my face is fantastic as is.

Okay fine, here’s something wacky. Sorry it just made me look cuter from all the f’s I don’t give. As an aside, I might need to buy a bat to fight off all the dudes who want me here fur sure.

This is me exercising. Because drinking Coke zero equals exercising duh. I’m sorry that I am funnier than you, more original too and you can’t come up with jokes like that on your own. Go write about your swaggy swag now, you empty vessel. What’s your obsession with material worth btw? Things don’t make you better, nor your life. You need be happy being simple, having, wanting, and needing less.

Last night before bed I was adorabs then too. Being cute is a never ending job. When I am forty I will still be cute and my eyes will always be minxy.

Here is a picture of not trying. Try it.

Although some effort should be made to maintain physique, omg don’t forget to harp on me for that too you pathetic freak. You’re so goddamn obsessed with me you’ll write an essay about my shoelace. Can’t you find someone else to harass and jerk off to while crying already? I bet you have a hater hit list a mile long.

I made this for my bf this morning before his meetings because I have zero ambitions. That guy loves the shit out of me.

Hot as hell, smart as hell, sweet as hell. Hell he is swell. Can you go back to your more amazing than my life now yet?

19 thoughts on “lurk at me

  1. It takes an incredible amount of courage to do what you do on a daily basis. I think most people who read your blog would agree. Don’t let one hater bring you down. Keep doing what you do.

  2. Seems appropriate:

    “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

    –Winston Churchill

  3. this comment won’t get approved, but someone needs to tell you: there’s a whole world beyond obsessing over yourself. one day you’ll grow up and realize it.

  4. Why won’t it get approved? Thanks I am seeing the world. I’m a blogger. I navel gaze, blog about it and people enjoy that. Chill. Now, Greek or Mexican for dinner?

  5. I love the way you stand up for yourself. Enjoy enjoy enjoy Europe and that new man of yours Miss Minx

  6. If you’re still there come Xmess ya’ll should come and meet me in London for some good times :)

  7. Hey Minxy! You’re looking FAB, and your BF is too. Keep on having fun and call me when you’re back! :)

  8. First of all, you always look great but Those webcam photos are the cuteset I think you’ve ever been – so natural and sweet! So happy you are having an amazing time – also, I agree with Michelle – your bf has a totally yum hair cut.

  9. That pancake looks awesome. Don’t worry, I was just on “——-” and it turns out there are tons of bloggers out there that have trolls who dedicate entire FORUMS to talking shit about them. What an enormous waste of time, how toxic and gross can you get? You’re adorable, and your teeth look white besides.

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