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Badass dream cameo

Hey Raymi,

You had a cameo in my dream last night, so I thought I’d say hi :-).

You were driving a purple rocket-powerd ice-cream monster truck with 2 GIGANTIC cotton candy cannons on the front. The cannons were shooting pink spun-sugar clouds all over pristine suburban neighborhood streets. You had comically and impossibly long fingernails, which u used as an excuse to not give any of the kids ice-cream (“I’m not gonna break a nail getting your dumb ass a bomb pop”). The cacophonous music that emanated from the massive “Fuck your ears” sound system, was an insanely loud and bass-heavy RZA remix of the ice-cream song.
Then the cops came. Sirens and lights from every direction. Coming for you.
You took off in a cartoon-like explosion, leaving nothing but a soft pink blanket of sugar, screeching smoking tire marks, and a conical flurry of exclaimation points.

Finally, LOUD construction from the building next to mine woke me up. I audibly exclaimed, “what the fucking fuck?!?!”

Kinda badass, right? But… uhhh… what the fucking fuck?

Hope all is well.

On a writing deadline right now so I’ll tell you my stupid shit later kay bye.

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