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Photoshoot fresh lookin like wealth

Hiya pals. Havin’ a gangster Thursday? Me too. That’s great.

Where is there a donation box in Libville?

I have a bag of Craymi to part with. I know there’s one by Price Chopper. I don’t feel like carrying it that far though. I have no idea why.

Date escape night is brought to you by bunny ears.

Oh herro there. Have you ever actually tucked your heel in to your underwear? Try it. It is not easy or easily sexily attainable maybe if you practiced and got good at it. Brass Vixens withdrawal think I’m going to visit tomorrow :).

Lance Romance came out to play. That bottle was steep IMO but worth it, ahh Napa Valley such a great wine region. Good after wash in the mouth, I hate tinny reds. Go try a bottle of Irony, the name being one reason I selected it. Actually for Napa I think it was a cheap bottle. Do you think people lie about the cost of their wines ever? Inflate them a little, no? I was like this is a nineteen ninety five and that impressed Steve until I finished my sentence DOLLARS. Tasted deliciously expensive and that’s all that matters. We made Date Night indoors and half-activity. I really wanted to see Moonrise Kingdom again and he needed to see it because I knew it would be his jam. Just go see it if you haven’t already and any Wes Anderson experts I have a Q for you or two. Remind me later please.

I was going to let him nap but then I put this outfit on and he wanted to guard his prize at the supermarket and it would have been faster to just bike over with him I figured, I didn’t mind a walk but lazy is always the appealing route. We had two hours to movie time, dinner prep, eating, and travel time. We were 20 minutes late. Not my fault because I wanted to see the previews, he didn’t. People who want things move faster than people who don’t want things therefore, it was not my fault. Wouldn’t I be a good crooked politician?

I will admit that wearing this on the back of a vespa was a little unfair to passing dudes and chicks, actually if we’re being honest here, I find that it’s women who check me out most of all. I see your expert quick time glares and I have taken to “fucking with” them and throwing a smile on. I am shy so you’ll maybe appreciate how hard it is to actually do this.

We copy each other’s outfits a lot because we don’t want to be one-upped and doing SAMESIES is the only way that’s why couples dress the same. We also did it to be cute and funny. gee I wonder which hoodie we should wear tonight blahaa.

I don’t know what selfish reason my mom had in depriving me of this picture. Yeah in black and white it’s great too sure sure but come on I saw this in colour on her camera a second after this was taken and was like do not even breathe until you get me a copy of that photo. Then she sits on it for a week. Then doesn’t even give me it. How angry do I sound right now? Good. THEN she insults my bf like a bratty immature a-hole and I am sick of it. Sick of her posting on my wall when I’m out too so I am going to change it so people can’t do that anymore and you have Tracey to thank. The only way you are allowed to post on my wall is if it’s 1. my birthday 2. the thing you are posting is NOT advertising your own cause without my prior consent 3. if it’s funny and it made you think of me or pertains to me in a large capacity that I will consider to be hugely amusing and 4. of my diva Facebook friend privileges law is if the thing you posted isn’t really about me and you put it on my feed like right after I post my blog post blast THIN ICE FUCKBAG. 5. if you are one of my mother’s friends and you make a passive aggressive dig I WILL FIGHT YOU (on facebook) and you will lose. Like comments about not tanning our faces in Aruba uh thanks tips!!!! Bahahah.

Supermarket outfit. Legwarmers keep ma legs warm. Ballet flats hopefully trick people in to thinking am ballerina to justify legwarmers. My haters are my motivators. Love Tarek’s bag so much. Mom wants it. Shaaright.

We snacked for dinner it was a good call. I love low maintenance meat board plotting on the spot at the grocery store. Next time we will go to Cheese Boutique. the flatbread is everything new york style. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. the rest is prosciutto (had them to avoid and skim off the fat, less fat + less waste = more meat. Uber ripe avocado, no salt miss vickies (!!) and salami. This paired with the wine was heaven. Steve fell in love with me more phewf.

We walked home it was a nice night, right? Right. Love exermacise.

Running out of time here people.


The soundtrack is amazeballs as they say on the internet for some reason (vom on that word)(kinda sort of use it myself).

How many people are going to copy my hat now.

8 thoughts on “Photoshoot fresh lookin like wealth

  1. Don’t forget to be on time for the airshow boat on Sunday and ask Shawn if he wants to go. Nana and Papa will be there. Maybe you can hang with Mike after Cause J has to work.
    I’ll be up north for the night with Lois.

    P.S. be more gracious to your mother , you will miss her when shes gone

    My own mother said that to me this morning
    and she is right.

  2. There is a Diabetes Foundation clothing donation box in the recycling room of my building. Bring your shit over here and then come for a swim.

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