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Father’s Day special

This one’s for you, Duncs!

Pretty sick!!

Instakilt was a great hit! Dead Brilliant. Got ‘em a Rob Roy red and a Gaelic green. You’re set for summer with the best beach towels ever now. Looking forward to catching them on Dragon’s Den this fall, Derek‘s always good for a laugh and definitely will be good tv.

I think Shawn kept the red, it makes most sense I think if he’s out on the town, our little tastemaker oot there. I love the cheeky quips all over Instakilt’s website too.

Suits the gals too and they’ve also got smaller ones for the bairns/wees aw bless.

They also look grand just settin’ there on a date with me vest, ya.

Hailey got my hippie overalls. I never had the balls to wear them in public.

Pretty pretty.

Hello my Rocky.

This claymore I bought in Quebec matches your new dress kilt perfectly dad.

And your key chain too.

Alright alright we get the point.

And that’s that.

This heatwave, right?

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