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You’re all out of order

You can totally see through this thing. Righteous.

I liked how big my nose looks in some of these. I know I am dealing with children when someone makes fun of the size of my nose. How gauche.

Do you like my cruisewear? Cruise or be cruised. Which, also ain’t that bad.

I am glad I wore an eating tent to eat in. I didn’t compare myself to the hot young chicks all around me too much because I am a special and unique creature possessing ageless beauty and remarkable adorablah qualities that cannot be replaced, you know, in layman’s terms: that quirky manipulative bullshit that is irresistible, heartbreaking. What do I always say Little Raymis? OWN THY SHIT.

It’s time to be put through Raymi confidence building finishing school. Can you imagine me mentoring shy girls? Well, I can and I have and I do and I will again. THAT is something tv-worthy don’t you think? Something Owen Wilson-esque for sure ahaha.

The password is pink tarantula

Shhh it’s Me Time. Which is one of my jokes at the table when we’re all gettin’ pished, if I zone out or lose my attention span/go mute I’ll say, sorry that was me time and wave my hand over my face like a magician.

My tuna salad it was aiight. I’m going to dump some real flavour on it (something spicy) before I head out tha’ door. All that flame-warring made me lose blog time window urggh plus typing on this shit is like quicksand and I make a lot of typos which are unacceptable! I also lost time planning trip to Aruba with Lois and Bech!

Iphonereversies bring out the split-ends in my hair more cos the pic quality goes low.

Oh god. Lets just say I grazed over here quite a bit. The truffle mayo dip will kill you with deliciousness.

I didn’t do my mascara raccoon smear beneath eyes cos I didn’t want to wake up like Alice Cooper (as much) today.

I see nipple! When is the last nipple date sighting on RTM?

Upside down salad.

Why so serious?


It’s just a platter.

Just a platter? Fuck I gotta go bro.

See through solution:

Cougar print-on-print so legit.

7 thoughts on “You’re all out of order

  1. what a stupid thing for someone to say. everyone’s nose looks bigger when they’re really thin. yours looks fine. ppl are weird.

  2. you look great in your eating tent, the way the leopard print goes down the front it kind of looks like its slim to your bod

  3. awesome. I love how you went out to eat in a transparent caftan! with matching booty underpants, no less! that caftan TOTALLY werks with your new hair color, too, btw.

  4. MEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWW! for future reference, to get the full “see through” effect, use the flash…the camera flash. Hot photos anyhow.. ;)

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