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Feeling crappy? Saganaki!

It was annoying that they snuck up behind me and lit it before I had a chance to start filming it. OCD people have specific and confusing items on their list to complete or they never get over it. NEVER. Spake like Skeletor. And one of those things is capturing a saganaki flambé so wait next time bro please. Especially when you have already seen me photographing the salt & pepper shakers what do you think this is fun and games? Just kidding I am a table angel.

So here’s a video I took in Collingwood of another Saganaki that the girl gave me a head start on instead. Thank yew.

It really steams me up when a restaurant uses tabasco sauce. I *promise this is my last complaint of the post (*promise not guaranteed) but honestly if you are banking on any sort of authenticity, smash some peppers in to olive oil, drown that shit and add more peppers, jalapeno I don’t care and put it in a tiny bowl with a tiny spoon. Don’t make me pour hot vinegar all over your cuisine. Please. It is already greasy enough. We had a wonderful time at this place and it felt like being on a cruise ship or some kind of hide out. Note to world: I have not been on a cruise ship before.

Dining out put me in such a great mood I did a little dancing.

Getting ready for it I blasted us some November rain for nine minutes of grateful air guitaring and axl swaying. Great pre-game jam.

Now where were we? Yes. Dinner. This place was full of fogeys. Good people but, I dunno, when I am the most urbane person in a restaurant I think that is telling. I love being a big fish but anyway, it seems to be all about old school charm and manners which I love and so definitely do the regular clientele. You can take the tourists here. You watch special moments here, I am just so in to people watching and I hate people who say that but it’s the most entertaining thing. But be sure to focus on your date too and make your own fun little world and take turns playing angry birds only if the other goes out for a smoke and read your server well, they reveal themselves a lot in their serving style and lack thereof. Ours got teacher tanked, she was a pro for sure. Ouzo? Okay bro on your own there lol. I had a sip and it was enough for me o_O.

Retsina is terrible so I did not allow it but ok’d a greek wine that would be more palatable. In the words of Tracy Morgan on 30 Rock I CAN’T EAT THIS I’M A FOODIE. Ha. I also hate grappa and I know that’s italian but it is eugh, don’t get it. Limoncella yes please. I was blown away to learn that none of the Jersey Shore cast knew about Limoncella for an after dinner digestif that gets you wickedly loaded! :) it is the shit. Anyway, back to my dining with the minx show.

I forgot my button was done up but in hindsight it was adorablah. I was high off the success of my attention-seeking outfit in the short distance from the other restaurant we were going to eat at (it was closed for renovations) and Penelope’s, this one. I was just digging the vibe here it was calm and quiet and felt like a get-away teacher had been there before, for dates that I did not press him on. I live my life like a sage geezer, staring profoundly in to space and complaining about everything so it suits me a place like this. I like new experiences too. I am eating this entire city before I am through with it. Someone said there should be Raymi Ate Here plaques in my regular spots yeah I can be a zagat’s one day in the year 3000 when there are flying dogs. Bonus: over the wall was a whole party of people at a long table. Those things make me feel awkward so I adore staring at them secretly. I am perverse and you suffer for it.

We also ordered chicken souvlaki. I am way more in to Shawarma to be honest. Do they have fancy restaurants for that instead of take out/delivery/drunk eat-ins post bar? I bet they would give me all the hot sauce I demanded. Sometimes I get are you sure you want hot sauce in this challenging way then I go to town and they are like WOW. Here is how I will die: hot sauce.

Requisite mirror checks.

Aside: Why don’t they sell teeth whitener at the supermarket? Annoying.

Jowl are you? Are those jowls? What are jowls? Or is it five o’clock shadow from my humongous nose?

Fixed it. Duck lips?

Dentist appt soon. Must make. I am scared. It has been two years and I know there is some fucked up shit going on in there. I am a classic avoider. Big giant baby. Esquire.

After dinner many hours later we ordered pizza. I am going to stop doing that it’s so detrimental to my diet plan and progress, for what I don’t know but always having to “get back” to a size or your content size after eating dinner 4 times in a night hahah. I stay up too late. I think my late 20’s antics can be attributed to the inability to accept that I “am older” and so I can dress young look young act young be young but I know my insides (organs) aren’t. Oh well, look good now, die later. I am black comedy because I want you to be healthier, you kids, that I assume can only make up or begin to make up the majority of my audience, my mtv hipster mickey mouse demo, no? So listen to Aunt Raymi and go to bread. Go to bed reasonably early instead of hours of tv. or internet. Or whatever it is you are doing!

Okay good back to real camera now.

I apologize for this boring ass post and no picture of souvlaki. Take it as a punishment for some other time you may have wronged me or made me mad, okay? hahahha. Bath time!

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  1. I am always underwhelmed by Greek food, I don’t know why. Completely with you on the Tobascco front. Out of all the hot sauces to choose from Tobascco, really? Take r easy.

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