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Change will do you good

Now before you go tell me to go fuck myself this IS a big change for me. It’s the first time I’ve come back from a salon with a darker root in, years.

Brennen said we’re going to ride this blonde out. There’s no point to paint over the blonde I already have. Makes sense, plus, I can handle gradual better.

So I’m posting these few to share what it looks like. Still mega blonde. Sorry for the drama explosion, I was actually ready to make the dark leap but with what I’ve got, my tresses aren’t. This way is going to be way healthier and smarter. Less hasty. I was far more worried about all the chicks coming in with longer all same-length hair and leaving with bangs, christ I am not falling for that again.

Anyway, see, this is a big deal, because instead of hiding my roots now I get to embrace and flaunt them because they’re caramel now and next visit there will be more to work with. If you’re going to say something shitty to me now don’t bother. In Raymi world it matters. All interested parties care and this is the Raymi club so deal. Read the three word url up in the address bar.


26 thoughts on “Change will do you good

  1. Your club, your rules! Caramel looks good btw and as much as us internet viewers like to demand things it is your hair right? Good on you for doing (continually) what is best for you.

  2. Lady, looks good – also very modern – the grown out look is in, and so is healthy hair! Glad to see your riding it out instead of going straight dark.

  3. yeah I dig it will be neat to see roots come in, lots will be going on. steph says it will look ombre as it all changes. happy.

  4. Hiii….so me and Jules are in agreement that you made a good choice in the gradual color change. ease them it to it. no shockers please and thank you. Whatever you end up with we will love you just as much. I love you i love you i LOOOOOOVEEEE YOUUUUUUU

    Hi its Jules typalyping now I like that you are slowly changing so it is not drastic and woahhhhh jajaja.
    p.s.We love you what ever color you are. ral

  5. I love it! The roots are a look and a style. They’re cool and it looks great so just own it and don’t stress!

  6. How many caramel-root heads does it take to screw in a light-bulb?

    One, but she won’t commit. It will take forever before it’s screwed in!

    Kidding! You look good, as always. xo

  7. Ombre! That’s my next move as well – eventually, but I’m hoping they can just make it ombre in one sitting. Ombre is super sexy (in my opinion – I know it’s not for everyone) and it’ll look great with your platinum ends. Glad to see it all worked out for you!

  8. HHHHHahaha, I was anxiously awaiting this post as I was nervous for the new do, and it looks the same! (I mean that in a good way, not a condescending way) The roots look better though too, so that’s awesome. You must be relieved!

  9. I am Laine, I knew in the back of my mind this is what we’d be doing anyway but my mind played tricks on me all month long as well as I flip flopped between thinking dark or light. sorry for the kerfuffle, I think NEXT hair appt will be the one to watch haha. til next time!

  10. Thanks Ginny and Laura ellen amanaa erica and hailey. I’m a wiener! an ombre wiener soon enough. You can’t really colour hair like mine when it’s got nothing to dye. SO I kind of got my wish and now I can be roots proud. phewf.

  11. Your colourist is a smart man. Looks great. I spent ages on platinum patrol too and then all of a sudden the dark roots start to grow on you. GROW on you! Ha…ok I’ll leave now.

  12. toldya
    i tried to do ombre on my own platinum (that i’ve been bleaching the H E double hockey sticks out of since Oct) (with decent results) and now it’s the color of the
    Rio Grande river. ayayaya.
    unemployment doesn’t always afford a real stylist.
    but who cares. honestly, i’m newly 30 with self-imposed grey old lady hair and i feel reeeeeee!

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