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Can’t wait to blog the rest of these tomorrow

I would join this cult.

These bottoms are diapers on me now.


Ahh so relaxing. Good family times. Stella was stalked and attacked by Dugan the psycho cat from hell that also has tore open my Nana’s hand, a vein, ugh. She showed me her vein and I imagined it instantly and started dry-heaving. Stella is alright, hope it’s not that deep. So we locked Dugan away and then four more girl cats showed up. My mom lives in a nuthouse. Fun place though I was like see this, it’s called Easy Street AND YOU LIVE ON IT, when she tried to have a pity party. Your only issues are OPP: Other People’s Problems-oriented. Lady, you got off. For now.

Anyway, legit zonked. Night!

Okay fine one more retarded picture for the road. Literally.

At least my arm is skinny kay, THANKS, bye.

4 thoughts on “Can’t wait to blog the rest of these tomorrow

  1. newsflash, “you are skinny”

    more news…there is a price for everything in life

    It was great seeing you guys,
    you forgot your wet bathing suits behind
    see you on Thursday with them.

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