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Cougcrawl 2011

I should be wearing my heels in this picture. Meh.

Oh I changed my mind!

Now my fingers can read in the dark!

Experiencing the point!

This is my being polite (and awkward) demeanour, when you show up and sit down all these suits swarm you and ask dumb tattoo questions just to claim you at the bar and cock block any other possible men and I am like come on guy fuck off (in my head) I am trying to talk to my mother, omg that’s your mother said with fake shock, yes now can I go bak to my vodka soda? Actually that place is so expensive you kind of have to be Julia Roberts and prosti yourselves some drinks. Casie got us shots of grey goose off a drunk chap the champ that she is. It’s a meat market bar filled with high class ladies (and gold diggers) and so if you want to talk to someone, namely me, it costs a drink. I am old fashioned.

Last night was fun, The keg wasn’t its normal douchebag self, it was more lame! We are going to spread the cougar claws elsewhere in the city next time we go out but it was just fine the four of us girls in our mean girl huddle together.

Seeing Casie walking in these beasts oh man, and then her hat flew away and sam had to go get it I was like what if you were alone right now that thing would be so gone forever no way you can run after it in your lady gaga shoes. They’re sick though right and make casie my height.

These dudes beside us got shots of grey goose and took off without paying, total jerk scumbags. I was in the bathroom at the time so I missed out on that action.

It was Lois’ fake second birthday! Was the cake on the bill? Hope not.

If you don’t go home with a dude you go home with food. Lois has a dude that my mom is jealous of because she thinks we will lose Lois haha yeah right nothing can replace us.


Two can play at that game.

Mom why do your pictures end up so shitty? I wish you would email them to me like a normal person instead of me having to dredge them off facebook.

Casie always gives me a weird present.

Will probably come in handy someday during War of the worlds and I’ll be like Tom Cruise don’t worry I got this! Zuh-oom (laser beam sound effect duh obvs).

Oh hey there.

Casie is attempting to school me after I schooled her, rinse and repeat.

Then we went in to my tumblr template and I was like can we not do this right now? See how stressed out I am ha ha. Well actually some stupid bitch woman tweeted something disparaging about raymi camp so I had to investigate matters. Isn’t it great when people watch you live your life then try to sabotage your good times? Still waiting on that apology.

What is all over my ass and WHERE is my ass?

Thank god we take pictures I wouldn’t remember half the shit we do or say. This blog is one giant note to self. Do you remember when I used to blog my shopping lists at the top of my blog or little notes (BUY TP, RETURN MOVIE).

Sometimes (and this is one of those times) I have no idea what sexy is.

See good girls, it’s early!

Here is when I started to feel stupid.

Mesmerizing tights hook it up! Ok I am going to finish my breakfast lunch now if that is alright with you. The next time I type coug crawl it’ll say 2012 after it cant believe it time just goes on by. Don’t forget to blog it!


13 thoughts on “Cougcrawl 2011

  1. I don’t take shitty photos, that one of Casie making a fist was without a flash

    remember what she said

    retreat back, then engage

    then you punch the crap out of the person

  2. i cant believe you remembered or were listening. yes some shots are good i just mean that fb seems to fuck up the resolution, distort it. render crappier.

  3. I just want to say Happy New Year to you! I feel like you’re a friend and you inspire me to try things that scare the shit out of me. Thank you so much for sharing everything in your life – I really, really hope you will do this forever: mommy blogging, grandma blogging – you will do it best :) Cheers Raymi!

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