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live fast and document


HI! Oh man I am SO jazzed for haunted harem!

this was shot before learning what the installation was all about.

Initial Nuit Blanche smattering here. Finally dredging up the rest I’ve already uploaded, brb. It’s gorgeous out I’m wearing a bikini ahhh glorious! Fank you Sun King! Oh here too are more teddy bear shots. My favourite ones. I’m a ladybear Stew said.

Getting pumped up for my show.This is what scared looks like kids. Face your fears in life and your will be stronger, more iron in your will than food. I learned that from my cleanse coach.

I was shaking. But I was also obliterated so when I was performing I was more focused on my wicked buzz and thankfully I had a long shaggy bang all over my face. I’ve been to many concerts, seen so many various styles of performer, I know how it is done. I am a born entertainer. It was brought.

After it was all said and done we dipped in to Bovine, had just missed a live nude bondage performance whaaat? increds.

That guy was 7 feet tall. Wicked get-up. Andy Koffman as that lounge lizard dude? He was one of the photograph subjects, in a bathtub naked with two hot broads. Very sexy art back there. You can see it at my show!

Here’s my calling card, stay close now. Dressing as a fuzzy animal gets you away with murder. not real murder but things you wouldn’t normally get up to. The only near miss altercation was with two jersey boy guido poseurs. I won of course.

Cute no? Yes. That guy took a seat to watch the show. Nuit Blanche is like Mardi Gras Halloween.

She was like a severe drew barrymore face. So cute.

She is telling me how great I am and my performance at The Toronto Underground Cinema. Aww.

I am building a hot girl army.


Just gonna sneak up on these unsuspecting campers now heheheh deedly dee.

I don’t like street meat. We went to Mcdonald’s for the sketchiest experience ever.

There was a big ass castlelike mansion in Bellwoods once, which is why those gates are there. Now why in the hell they tore it down is beyond me. Idiotic. Princess Diana has her palace in hyde park, right? Kensington? I have it written down in one of my travel journals. Something palace, starts with a c? ugh brain!

Scuse me coming through.

Everyone was dancing at my teddy bear picnic. Great success!

We squeezed our way in. Wicked times.

Bumped into my hair team, hi BRENNEN!

Almost to our fast food desty.

One of my fav parts about this costume was not having to wash my hair. Laziness grounds for the day. That pile of my clothes is gone now. Slobtastical.

Babe Bartender Allison. it’s nice being a VIP at bovine.



Up the Queen west hill. Ok I am bored bye now.

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  1. hahahaha do you love how i ALWAYS have to mention when i see something i gave you? i’m just proud :) xo

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