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raymi the jinx drinx sphinx lynx dinks

I wonder what the next monster bikini will be? I saw the skeleton hands one, pretty cool, this one wins though.

So I was burdened with big boobs for the day just so we could take these three pictures. Lovely.

Still down with OPP. Oh man I have content for days, speaking of, what day is this? Monday you say? Bah.

Lots of wicked dude duds here.

This look is actually growing on me, oversized hip hop vest with a bikini. Outfit accomplished. Must dash now my lovelies, the sun and roof calls. And Big Brother. I love missing an episode, saving it up and thinking about nothing but watching it until I watch it. Big Brother tunnel vision. HAhha and then I wrote this entire post so I haven’t watched BB yet. FASCINATED? Continue..

Haha I look so sad.

Artistically sad. Sadness and fashion go hand in hand. If it’s not working then the model isn’t sad enough.

I will be needing some fall wedges, how can I make the closed toe heel adjustment seam- (and pain) lessly? suggestions please you know i’ll be wearing the hell out of whatever we decide. It’s for the best.

Now THAT is a model face.

And THAT is a girlfriend face.

Ah yes, dress by Aah Jee. Gorgeous.

I can easily envision wearing, entertaining, and hostessing in this dress. No big deal. This old thing? Oh why thank you!

Good call on wearing the romper right?

Would also be fantastic in black.

Perfect with my hair. I need to wear more white.

In the back it comes up higher, so glam. Very fun dress to be photographed in and everyone just goes “Oooooh” about how dreamy you look. Enchanting.

I was trying to turn myself into an art installation

Hehhheh fabulous fun.

Hope your Monday was great, mine was super productive. Monday will hereby be referred to as ME MONDAY until I am forced to get a real job then it will be called, I want to die-day.

And finally we have the pose.

Me and my monocle. I see all.

I look like a wrestler.

I styled this look. I requested some big gold necklaces, they brought me the monocle and owl pieces. Classy gorgeous. Who are they by again?

There’s yer girl. I remember I found a photo of these style jogging pants 4 years ago and knew I’d eventually get my hands on a pair and the style would become a classic and stick around for awhile, also, not many girls will adopt the trend so you don’t have to worry about rip-offs (chicks style jackin’ ya), only a certain body type can rock these and I also said that they must be worn with wedges, some kind of crazy platforms otherwise you’re just wearing tapered jogging pants like who gives a shit right? If you can, and have the fashion chutzpah to take the look further, then do it. You only live once and life is too short to be ordinary. I want you to stand out so I don’t have to have all the attention all the time.

Then it was my Hilary Banks moment.

Wait a minute, this is also happening.

That shirt is amazing amazizazzizizaizaizaizaziing ZING like circus freak backflips infinitum amazing. It’s definitely an F U to everyone else’s shirt in the room when you wear this shirt. I would be super pissed off if a girl showed up wearing this loud attention hogging shirt, but I wouldn’t show it, yeah I’d compliment her shirt but in secret I would be seething and cutting her eyes out of a picture while slitting mine at her across the room and turning it into a friendly smile when she busts me ahhaha.

I don’t know how but it made my face way skinnier. Score!

Look how smug I am. You can see my new earrings Angelo gave me. One says Oui the other says Non (they are copper) so when we go to dinner and you fuck up I’ll sit with the NON earring on the appropriate ear and direct it at you at every opportunity. I’ll show you a close-up of them later.

Perfect with my hair. I got the tone right this day. When my roots come in there is a week’s period when my hair gets really ashy blonde in appearance from the combo of dark roots contrasted by the light hair colour and then I dump purple hair wash that makes my hair even whiter. Some people like my roots and then we get in hair fights over my hair colour oh good grief just wait til it’s waist length and you will all STFU about it.

The hot thing about this shirt is its translucency and we all know that this guy does not fear the nips, but I was too tired by this point and hungry so I didn’t take my romper off therefore this blog gets a g/pg rating for the day Phewf now I don’t have to sweat those corporate sponsors for anotha’ day. Hall-ay-loo-yuh and praise be. People were in support of me wearing nothing beneath it so that some perv would buy the shirt I modelled. I was too lazy to disrobe.

How intimidated would you be by this girl at the party? Super. It’s a shirt that can work for or against you. Knock-out. “She’d probably just reject me and I’d be frustrated.” Name that quote.

Ok I gotta go do other cool stuff now. Bye I love you! See the burn mark on my arm (from bbq to oven, jerk chicken) i’m gonna have to put a MINX tattoo there. FONT POLL! VOTE! Probably the most important polling ever. Pole. Ha.

OPP even cares about my teeths!

I have a lot of fan mail, I’ll be needing this.

Then I took us for the best mexican of our life. Angelo MAIL ME SOME. Why aren’t you 1000lbs it’s right across the street. Ok bye for real, not one of those fake goodbyes, but a REAL ONE.

6 thoughts on “raymi the jinx drinx sphinx lynx dinks

  1. i know i know its so raymi. also she has the best lines from the show i can go around saying dumb shit all day long in it. it’s too rich for my blood and we shopped a lot while away so i didnt wanna over do it, ang woulda hooked it up but i didnt want to take advantage. but now that i look at these…

  2. your hair has officially gone past blonde and into Andy Warhol territory…artistic choice! that rainbow heart shirt…I would wear the shit outta that.

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