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bon soir!

8 thoughts on “voila

  1. I still can’t get over how Dan grabbed my hand and held it tight. So childlike and genuine.

    Can you please let him know I’m crushing on him?

  2. i gave them both my card, both grabbed my arm and commented about my tattoo (loving it) and somehow i got a chance to tell dan we were kerouacs and he wa v impressed. told mayor not to lose my card and he said he wouldnt but in his nasally voice, i have never heard him speak before. so surreal. my anti mayor fans are going to have a field day but whatever, it was all in support of the theatre and you shouldn’t drag politics into special needs.

  3. yes he was very quick on Kerouac, in fact, hes a very quick mind even while he was being swamped by the buzzards

    you were fast talking about your blog, kerouac’s, blah blah blah and I was just all starry eyed exchanging shy smiles with him.

    Maybe hes reading the blog right now?

    Dear Dan, come dance with me….

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