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ten years of this bull$#*!

raymi party review. still recovering. i am pleased it’s all over now, i can breathe easier and i am less high strung.

disney princess tea sampling. melodie made me some witchy tea for the swag bags.

forget what she blended, tasted lovely though. i’ll find out.

shannon put eyelash extensions on the ends of my lids. subtle.

smirkinator. oh this? yeah i just rolled out of bed like this. gym guy showed up with a crew and was like you. are. outrageous.

dr. robert play wrong bar. the hilarity (amazing) writes itself.

i told my dad it was going to be like the cavern club for him. heh. they practiced a surprise for me, first jam was birthday and they changed the words to it’s raymi’s anniversary! for they say it’s your birthday. i gave’r. dancing in that dress was kind of fun and i dunno, total spectacle. everything is amplified.

i found out the dollar amount worth of cheese. you would faint if you knew.

john hastings. bravo. my brother loved him.

behind the scenes with palais royale. that’s lox, crem fresh on potato pancakes. i served a tray to the room. the other stuff over there i forget but you got a little ladel to scoop it in your mouth. very delicious.

michael nus wrote the most flattering post ever about how fancy i made wrong bar. “I was actually taken aback by how classy Raymi made the reception.” i love that “i was actually taken aback” good. shock and awe people.

and then these guys. palais, you devils. served these with some kind of jelly compote to dip. fab. phenom. etcetera.

worker bee.

dad look your gear placed on notorious punk hipster stage. fantasy memories for days right?

my girls. love youuuu.

got me ripped these guys. torontoist gong show. i look rtrd’d.

my little ginger.

classy amber, she’s so wee. need to hang out again soon girl and catch up.

tarek looked SO GOOD with his murse. any man carrying a satchel is HOT. i do love me my fisherman lumberjack manly men types (so do) but i will always have a huge spot for those metro elitist stylish guys. you need to be able to be both like how a lady can be a lady and tramp, sporty, feminine and so on.

assistant two, emily. very big help. i hope you guys enjoyed yourselves at least a little. mandie was assistant one. writing you a glowing recommendation for future whatever. haha robert downstairs at cindy’s bday gathering was laughing at me for having an assistant. they’re all older than me kinda revolutionary fight the power/system types and all get a kick out of someone like me with my internet and my photos and my BLOGGING anti-traditional bullcrap so after like a solid half hour of snarkily inquiring into what it is that i actually do i say i gotta go i gotta call my assistant and tell her something and robert just howls with laughter as i am trying to collect my silly putty brains and get out of the place to my awaiting cab. yes i realize how ridiculous it sounds to hear “my assistant” coming out of the mouth of a platinum barbie outfit (pink turtleneck nipple city) mental case you just met but so what, that’s reality.

shannon helping me into dress two. i disappeared and changed without telling anyone. she also brought me outfit 3. she is amazing. she made my hair. taking it all out was really funny and fun kinda lucas and crystal did it while i sat on the couch in my room while everyone was crammed into my bedroom about 3 in the morning?

blue hair won a boat trip. my uncle let me raffle off one more for the torontoist kids they kept screaming FISHING TRIP! FISHING TRIP! meanwhile everyone in my family kept winning shit. i was up on stage forever going through tickets. eventually it was like ok you win a pile of my shit, go get it.

two suave brown guys at howling hour. kodak moment. both watering hole proprietors. russ made not my dog. do you know why it’s called not my dog? has something to do with peter sellers, pink panther. you figure it out lazy.

this is when the pictures get good.

i didn’t even get a gift bag after all that nor did a lot of my inner circle buddies. also a bunch of rum was stolen.

this is total wedding hair man.

my hair was so big i didn’t even know they added a yellow flower to it. bob’s wife (in my dad’s band)(he and my dad have been buddies for FORTY YEARS) erin gave him a box of feathers and a tiara and a pink sash. i stuck some feathers in my hair for a bit. mom wore the tiara heheh. i referred to her/myself as the lohans when i told her to get away from me/the stage at one point.

bunny bought me that diamond harajuku comb when she went to japan a few years ago. i love it more and more each day.

steph, massive help and crucial support system i love you and you were so funny all night long getting hosed and making comments about every situation running peanut gallery commentary bahahaha.

very end of the night before we left. sent all my crap with the assistants to adventurehouse and we hit salvador darling before last call. we were a traveling hilarious circus.

and we brought pickles. left them there for the bar too. my generosity is never-ending.

shall we then…

no clue who the guy is that’s pulling me?

sure why not.

omg look at his face he must be wasted and thinking he’s hallucinating and what luck he has.

does this even require captioning?

this guy just kept going we weren’t even paying attention anymore and steph interrupts our drunk yell competition to say excuse me can you please look at that? he was whipping his own ass with our flowers and bucking.

nothing shocks me anymore so i was just like, ok sure.

just another day.

i was so gassed i was thinking the peacock was a person beside me and i kept apologizing to it.

and i was adamant about everyone knowing i had this exact same horse as a kid, it was my mom or dad’s before that? it was orange. we drew all over it with crayons and now it’s in my nana and papa’s basement the springs have been put through so much torture you pretty much touch ground on it.

can you picture me at an equestrian resort in riding outfits? lucas said that the look that’s in right now for men is fishermen, a departure from lumberjacks, and for women it’s riding clothes. rob was wearing a fisherman sweater last nite which is why he brought it up. then he asked me how i felt about that. i agree is how i feel. i’ll go into it more another day though does anybody actually care what i think about fashion? yes? ok good, raincheck then.

this made me nervous she went so far forward so many times. do not interfere with nature. that’s the national geographic photographer’s code, a quote that kinda got misquoted in eye but it’s ok the point is if a gazelle is about to be taken down by the lion you have to let it happen on its own even if you want to help it, that’s how it works in nature so for the same token if someone is trainwrecking, just watch. a bit shit heady yeah?

i am either singing or saying something that i think is funny. nope, that looks like i’m beltin’ one out.

mmm hmmm.

i was trying to dance pose ride that thing.

great form.

it just keeps going.

this is so photoshopabble masthead eh david. aaron. me sliding on ice or slipping on a banana peel.

thank god for digital cameras eh.

casie i cannot wait to see your shots. you were a huge ass help to me, i love you more and more every time we hang and collaborate. thank you for trying to public relations my mom away from the stage hah.

took this so i could see what it looked like (so dark in there) so i could then make fun of myself on my blog about it. it’s not even that funny. like, at all. great!

dance boogie face captured.

partied out?

i do NOT look 31 a-holes.

thank you very much one and all. it was a great time. i’m sure more and more stuff will trickle in, photos, stories, who knows. i am still recovering. did i say that already? my next project to be hyper-focused obsessed with is my book. very excited for dinner tonite at corey‘s. i’m bringing rob. jen will also be there. must grab a nice bottle of wine and prepare my outfit, charge camera and also shower at rob’s as we have no hot water in adventurehouse.

16 thoughts on “ten years of this bull$#*!

  1. The tea ingredients are:
    Raspberry leaf
    Anise seed
    Lemon Verbena

    btw, there were no spells used in the making…just old fashioned effort.

  2. How did you get in that coffee shop after hours? It closed at 7:00 and I took some photos of a Chinese boy happily riding it. I’ll send you the photos.

  3. Looks like an amazing night, too bad I am so far away! But I need to ask, what are the type of pantyhose you/casie are wearing! I need a pair! So un-old ladyish!

  4. Who’s the millionaire who paid for this? Blogging pays this well? Couldn’t be the art could it? I hate this world sometimes

  5. I adored being your assistant- Anyone whoever says anything bad about you is just a jealous turd- you are absolutely wonderful :) I had so much fun :) <3

  6. i was up north trying to see your pics….my bb kept saying page error so i had to individually load each pic.

    I almost pissed myself when the pic of the dude on the horse with you and Casie came up! there I am all alone in the bush giggling like a school girl!

    what a site

    congrats for like the 10th time, sounds and looks like it was a great party. wish I could have seen it first hand


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