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cos in my head there’s a grey house stationed where i send my thoughts to far off destinations

late night conceited photo shoot.

someone far more famous than i asked me last nite if i enjoyed being this provocateur so out there and so on. i never really stopped to think about that before. yes and no. i would like to lead a simple life someday a private life i think. i said unfortunately this is the only way for me now this is how it is.

one of my eyes is bloodshot. i don’t even look good in these i dunno why the hell i’m posting them. menstrual mental.

the flash delay on my bb was messing with my posing game. sometimes there is a compulsive need to document and capture every moment it’s not a need at all it’s an addiction? a habit that you don’t take note of, it’s normal but then you wake up to a billion stupid photos and wonder what the point was. oh right, that thing called blogging.

best meal ever i want melodie to cook for us every nite.

here i am telling melodie my life philosophy. shes says i’m machiavellian. i had to ask what that meant.

here she is learning how blind i am. that shirt was casie’s i think.

jeremy please don’t send that new guy over to deal with us again thanks. his nervous laughter was invasive and got on my nerves.

we realised our outfits were too much. why do girls change out of something that is working and fuck it all up?

can you picture me dating one of those guys?

parkdale is for lovers.

25 thoughts on “cos in my head there’s a grey house stationed where i send my thoughts to far off destinations

  1. If your still lucky enough to be in your 20’s
    stop planning and start doing
    its never going to turn out the way you think it will

    Oh, and wear short skirts
    Don’t worry if your thighs touch, your skin is too pale and your lips aren’t plump enough.
    Believe me you look great
    you are young.

  2. You are so ALL RIGHT it’s ridiculous. Don’t change your path, quest, anything. You know what you’re doing more than any of your peers. Keep on being RAYMI. Until you can’t…. xox

  3. Sorry but agree with jj, greyhound makes sense, like a bus waiting to go to different destinations. I don’t why someone would send their thoughts to a grey house… But whatevs!

  4. Spotted you on Queen in this outfit on Saturday I think? Told my partner that I follow you on twitter – she wasn’t as impressed as I was. She hardly tweets. ;)

  5. kate we got a stern headshake from a scowly woman in a car when melodie was taking my picture. i said, can i help you? and she scowled and shook her head harder. hi!

  6. well because i am deeper than deathcab for cutie i choose a grey house to send my thoughts off to and actually wrote a song/poem about a huse on a hill once as a teenager. it’s just more poetic and emo. and right. why would you send something TO a greyhound station? the greyhound bus is what should send stuff to your GREY HOUSE oh this is retarded. you guys are probably right. not changing the post title though.

  7. if I leave a nasty comment i am a hater if i leave a fawning comment i am alright oh raymi can so many negative nasty haters really be wrong? they just see you that’s all. no big deal. content. take a picture if yourself thinking about it over a drink and some gourmet pizza…

  8. no you’re nothing that’s the thing. if you leave a nasty comment, you are a nasty person. if you leave a nice comment, you are a nice person. not just here, anywhere, in general. get it? look instead of just trying to dig at me as a person, tell me what it is that is pissing you off about me so much.

    i worked for my gourmet pizza you jealous little twat so if you hate that, maybe step it up a little for yourself and earn your own gourmet pizza.

  9. The reason you get more nasty comments then most is because of the large volume of traffic. It comes with the territory.
    So you attract the fans and the miserable jealous ones too who shoot off negativity for attention.

    If your asking them to tell you what pisses them off
    your opening up a whole can of worms because everything pisses off critical abusers.

    If you are open though to being critiqued on certain aspects,
    you need to be strong enough to know what is true & good for you, and what isn’t.

    For instance. Sometimes you say yourself you have so many photos and you can’t decide so you put them all up.
    So less might be best in certain instances.
    Its all about experimenting with suggestions and figuring out which ones are more fitting to you.

  10. why on earth would the volume of photos i post get on someone’s nerves? they can get fucked for all i care. me saying tell me what bothers you so much is basically being like, i dont care what you think but maybe YOU should think about why you felt the need to tell me this opinion of yours that you took the time to share. is it going to change me? what is the intent aside from the obvious desire to hurt me. i don’t even have time to have this back and forth volley because i am too busy living my dream and achieving my goals and sharing it on my blog. if someone is jealous that’s their problem not mine and guess what i AM human and i DO have feelings and i am sad a LOT of the time and this ISN’T always easy. it IS work.

  11. I love your photos Raymi, every one of them – an interesting chronology, to say the least.

    You look like you have some Norse in your lineage, and your actions are like those of a carefree swede, please tell me your part Svenska!

    Thanks for brightening up my day.


  12. its so lame that people keep coming back, looking at this blog and leaving nasty hurtful comments. its so simple, if you don’t like, don’t look. the end. clearly they’ve got a case of the jelly mellies and think they can break you down and then what.. you’ll stop blogging? will they feel like they’ve succeeded if you stop? or would they just be bored now they don’t have a blog to read. aaaaannoying.

  13. well bee according to the first “hater” comment they’re all supposed to be right, but, about what? i don’t see the point. what does it matter to me if 400 people hate me, if they hate me why are they charting my every waking move? is it like ok magazine?

  14. won me over? no, you played ping pong with me. it’s all just a base form of entertainment. like big brother meets the bachelor. you are not to take it personally, negative or positive. we come back-haters and fawners and in-betweeners ’cause there is nothing good on tv anymore and we are too tired to masturbate so we watch you in your cage. like silence of the lambs but shot in toronto. u see?

  15. in my cage? ok you’re a little affected there. thank you for explaining to me that i am entertainment, i’ve been doing this dance for ten years and now i finally see that i am entertainment. guess what water is wet too i learned that this morning also. i do not take it personally as i don’t take it seriously, how can you take anyone seriously if they’re anonymous and saying the most ridiculous shit to engender a response? you aren’t human to me if you don’t act it.

  16. well kid, of course you take it seriously so drop that affectation. look…all we are saying is give peace a chance and think about larger dreams. you gonna learn to write about shit that matters? or what? this here not the chronicles of narnia. it’s the chronicles of excess. i enjoy reading about your early stage alcoholism but i need more cowbell. you got one thing right though. i am an asshole. a nothing? that’s excessively cruel. and inaccurate. the end.

  17. when you prod at someone unnecessarily you become a nothing to them as a means to protect theirself from harm. you fucking slung mud at me with that alcy comment, uncool. you have offensive social manners. you have mentioned the pink elephant in the room because you are bored, therefore, boring. this is the chronicles of pays my fucking bills if you are looking for literature WALK TO THE FUCKING LIBRARY. ASSHOLE. you seek attention from someone who makes their living based upon it. i have won. i take my blog seriously. you, your comments, i do not. i knew you would confuse that and i kept it there because i thought perhaps i might actually be dealing with a smart person here.

    what shit matters to you why don’t write about your fucking self?

  18. I dunno… could you maybe just turn off the ‘visitor comment’
    option to your blog? It seems to breed what must be a hateful, stressful discussion forum everytime. That could get anyone a bit down, no matter what their strength of character. Its YOUR diary, not your diary with option for randoms to post hateful things.

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