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not too late to get your own tix. why? because you just might want to join us gals this year.

ever heard of a little band called public enemy? they’ll be there. epic. shit man. starvation diet starts tomorrow, gonna be in a ‘kini all weekend long. orange county tan here i come. i bet i won’t have to tan once in the coming winter months i’m already pretty fuckin’ blazed.

this is basically my last meal.

here’s some other crap. my brain is functioning at 2 per cent right now so this is pretty scant, sorry. not sorry.

Augmented Reality Eyeborg! look what this tshirt can do.

Eyeborg’s New AR shirt in action! from eyeborg on Vimeo.

uh my brain just went excuse me i think we need a time out what is going on here.

so you know this red light district isn’t happening eh. cool work volvo, very smart campaign you sneaky punks let me test drive a car. or do a shitty burlesque solo tomorrow nite at your night of naughty party.

um speaking of party, i think i’m taking a party break from now til wakestock.

last nite was hip hop nite at work and i almost got punched in the face by a crush fucked skidlet smoking a cigarette inside. awesome.

14 thoughts on “wakestocked

  1. that “lauren odizzle” has the slutty librarian “look” i cherish enuoff to request monthly, but the others look like my 3rd grade teachers facebook

  2. meh. So my 2nd grade teachers were blond, young and cool to me. i liked them. send me to that lauran ozizzle’s blog. bet shes nicer

  3. nicer? what the hell did i do to you? figure it out on your own im using the sloooowest comp ever right now and i got shit to do like destroy my hair xoxoxo

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