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fashion blues

Hey Raymi,

First of all, I’ll just say that I’ve read your blog for years and think it’s great. It can be funny and heartbreaking and endearing and honest, not to mention great publicity for all the restaurants and hangouts around the city. I wouldn’t know about half the places around here if you hadn’t haunted them first.

Anyway, what I’m really writing to talk about is: boobs. I myself am tiny tiny, not just chest-wise but all over, like you. I know you’ve acknowledged all that time that you’re pretty flat and I just wanted to say (as weird as it may sound) I think it’s awesome. I’m not self-conscious or insecure about being flat in the least, you don’t have to wear a bra, they’ve got a longer shelf life (ba dum tsshh!) when you get older, and you get to look like an adorable teenager instead of someone’s mom. Plus I’m pretty short so big boobs would just make me look shorter or stockier. But no matter how comfortable you are with your own body, and no matter how many hits from guys you get, there are still people who try and make you feel self-conscious, for whatever reason. I work with a bunch of guys and a lot of them make comments. Even other girls do it. And then a lot of times you see things like the Sunshine Girl, who can have a face like roadkill or the personality of a rock but if she’s got big tits then she’s hot. So when I read your blog and you’re walking around in tiny tanktops and bathing suits looking completely gorgeous then it’s just like Finally! Someone who doesn’t give a shit and is comfortable wearing whatever they want because it all looks good.

So, I guess, thank you? for being flat-chested? I don’t know if that even means anything, it’s not like you made the decision to be flat, but I guess I’m thanking you for embracing it and being beautiful and making me feel a little braver.


oh look i’m in the fashion blues video for the beauties. look for my puma shirt, short shorts and long hair, i’m a butt shaking dance maniac. at :25 you see the back of my hair standing by the bar. at :55 you see the drake owner beckoning to me and i look cranked and cute to all fuck, doing my signature goony smile. at 1:06 you see my cute butt wiggle. at 1:12 you see my dance punching moves. at 1:50 my butt wiggle again. there’s probably more raymi cameos but i’m getting crow’s feet from squinting too hard so look for them yourselves.

4 thoughts on “fashion blues

  1. yay for butt shaking and short shorts. I can’t stand going to a concert and people aren’t dancing–ESPECIALLY when they are standing up front. and sure, many times have I been the only person on the floor dancing. back when I was a d.j. slut. so to speak.

  2. what happens when you’re negative flat like me? is that still hot? i like not wearing bras too but then all i see is pure nips and i feel like people are looking at my nips and non-existent boobs.

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