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ironic flower dress girl

this thing is going to for sure take me down for a tumble it’s so long. i guess it’s meant for permanent bride dress style material clutching or some preggo angelina sauntering.

hey dewds just grabbin’ a brew maybe i’ll catch a few waves in a few ha tubular. that is so my dad’s face. it’s cool how i have a five o’clock shadow (whatever that means)(i mean i know what it means it’s just why can’t they say mustache gristle?) now.

i heard that the longer the person’s hair is, the more vain they are. toootally have a complex about it now and have ever since i heard that little tidbit.

yep i’ll just be floatin’ on in here scuse me now.

turd face no under eye makeups (as in, centimeter thick mascara glob).

too bad no smalls. this dress is by roxy.

one day i will clean that mirror. see how long this thing is!

can it just be summer again already.

this isn’t going to get any steadier i give up.

the earth is not flat only i am.

why do my ends go so thin and pointy like that why do i have christina aguilera dirrty hair what am i a fucking bratz doll?

amazing choc/peanut butter melt-aways. i brought up mint choc earlier because everyone got mint chocolate melt-aways in their stockings, had to help pre-pick them up for santa and i was like hold off i don’t want that shit sorry. they were out of the big size peanut bars so i got these little dudes instead. not the same apparently if they’re teeny. the point of this story is i made fun of the term (concept of) melt-aways for ten hours afterward. isn’t melt-away redundant?

boxing day shopping roadie necessity.

got that for nana, filled it with rosewood (banana republic, smells so good).

nana opening it.

nana enjoying it replete with nana face.

nana’s blurry tree.

this is what i was stroking my hair with. hahahuhhhh.

jeez relax calvin klein.

roomie for the week. barkley. enjoys barking also known by me as BARKLING. for example: why is he always barkling? he also enjoys nervous piddling.

and tons of weed. no just kidding.

the last few hours have been hellish. dave is extremely under the weather and i am terrified i’m next, this one’s a bad one. might be food poisoning though i doubt it as his aunt just had this on xmas day. i am a total total loser when i barf, i have a massive spew phobia so i am hoping big time it doesn’t come my way.

14 thoughts on “ironic flower dress girl

  1. I love that last one with his head flat down. Adorable

    Also, was thinking on the long hair-vanity thing and that’s probably true! I just did a quick rundown in my head of long hairs vs. short hairs and ratio comes up about right. How funny are long haired DUDES who think they’re doing themselves a giant cosmetic solid but are really doing the exact opposite? Ha, really

  2. “boxing day shopping roadie necessity.”
    ok actually that’s the best boxing day idea i’ve ever heard. will need to implement next time

  3. Hair grows an average of 1/2 inch a month. Trim the ends 1/2 inch every 2 months and it will continue to get longer, but at a slower rate and look better. I also emailed you from my other email address with tips from one of the good guys.

  4. “i heard that the longer the person’s hair is, the more vain they are.” all the dirty hippies I know aren’t…wait a minute, shit.

  5. p.s. forgot to add that only women with stick arms can pull off maxi dresses, nice job! I want California weather without the Californians, please now.

  6. Hmmmmmm tons of weed..Maybe I should try that with my barkaholic dog. Nah, I’ll just use it myself…

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