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talk to the hangover

oh my god i haven’t had a hangover in months. MONTHS. not since late summer. i can’t believe i used to wake up feeling this way practically everyday wow brutal. i did not miss this feeling at all. however, what got me to it was fun as hell so whatever. once in awhile is alright. ok so here’s last nite in fifty pictures how did i ever blog so much hung before i am amazed by myself.

the nite began with liza minelli, myself and dave gracing the cock & pheasant of streetsville with our collective presences. jen’s dad lives in the ‘saug so that was cool to be able to show off my old hood (streetsville) and give a little background gossip on several bar patrons milling about. oh how festive that guy was in a ton of my classes nice to see him grinding his jaw a million miles an hour and so on.

reunited and it feels so wasted. can’t wait to get my teeth whitened. bar one was all about catch up and making fun of everyone we know until we ran out of people.

dave was a good sport.

shit got boring fast so we moved over to the bowling alley and were told it was closed. yeah sure. i had to pee but felt personally attacked (buzzed) when we were lied to (weren’t haha) so as we left proclaimed they did not deserve my piss. dumped all my shit on the bank floor. good times.

banks are hard to make work.

the bartender hated me maybe it’s because i talk normal and not like jenny all disarmingly sweet. i told her several times to tone it down a little. eventually the bartender liked me. obviously she thought i was in a gang cos i was wearing a leather jacket and inquired about pool tables, therefore intimidated.

this one’s cute because my forehead goes on forever.

oh i just realised i’m wearing the liza jacket here. i told her not to outdress me and she busts that thing out as well as purple pants. COOL.

none of these are in order does it really matter? no? thank you.

my one demand in text on our way to collect her was YOU BETTER BE MORBIDLY OBESE. she claimed to be fat and happy now. yeah um and where might that fat be other than your ego? liar.

this is right before jenny hit the wall. there’s some mucho embarrassing footage of a splits contest. by then we had inadvertently encouraged everyone to vacate the bar.

i am seriously trying to explain how to be straight gangsta.

it is hilarious to see dude’s reactions to jen oh fuck so funny they can’t believe their eyes and ears it’s like they’re seeing a mirage. a dad/son duo were feeling her and she played right into it, hysterical.

RTRD moment. glad i wore such an unapologetic shirt (bigups alicia!) for sitting down and drinking in haha in one photo it’s a full-on cascade waterfall of material and rolls.

who is more flexible? well i know i didn’t pull a groin muscle doing this. i pulled it on the weekend making stoner dance videos in the bedroom DUH. all stretched out and ready to rock.

i just want to get my pose on is that too much to ask?

a little super awkward there was a date going on in the corner and the girl (dumpy) party of which was scowling at us profusely, making fun of our antics etc whatever so finally jenny asks if they want to be in the picture with us all coy. they snort baha no thanks we’re good here. oh really? then stop staring at us. harsh. the girl says actually i was looking at the tv paahaha right you were watching sports sure you look like a sports girl (as in complete opposite) then jenny says enjoy your marachino cherry (she was sucking back martinis) that was the wickedest coldest diss delivery ever dave had to look away it was too much. they immediately left. they made fun of us for requesting miley cyrus holy they started it! ever heard of a sense of humour jesus.

so these were taken while that all went down.

guess who barfed all nite long and who didn’t? not i!

i have no idea how anyone could be made uncomfortable by this. everyone was gone by this point but i mean, what’s with all the stiffs everywhere all the time lighten the fuck up.

here’s your christmas card photo i forgot to send out.


look at that big mac omg want.

no keep drinking cos the more wasted you get the funnier i get and my personality gets cuter too. FACT.

girls get hot for me when they get plastered around me. FACT.

familiar pose.

we played name five somethings. dave said name five cities in america. jen screamed out TORONTO and i said MEXICO. HAHAHAHHA that game is intense. whoever answers first wins the round, finishes naming five things in that category while the other person has to drink. once you start losing you continue losing as you get stupider the more you have to drink.

feelin’ smart.

we have differing rules for asshole.

as a typical rule one must get trashed with one they never see it’s packing in as much as you can for all that lost time. meaning, this is why you have to look at 50 of the same picture.

this bar used to be known as sundance (sundance saloon) and i used to go to karaoke there saturday nites when i was 18 along with a bunch of other people i used to hate, still hate. one time i showed up out of the blue and a girl confronted me in the bathroom, a girl dating a former flame of mine. she was all look i’m going to say this straight (that’s your problem not mine)(this guy isn’t allowed to be friends with me talk to me or even look at my blog LAME) why are you here? very fucking awkward.

no idea.

oh yeah liza jacket. jen update: she no longer tans and my fingernails are longer. i win.

glam. lets do this. here she is trying to wooh me with proclamations of how fucking adorable i am and how there is something about me raymes. aw thank you. and i agree.

do you think anyone would take me seriously if i wore sequins on a regular basis?

getting ready for my big debut.

i’ve moved on to wine glasses now.

sorry pipes leave some steroids for the rest of us jeez.


jen haz raymi boner.

bloggers barf. wow that picture is SUPES INTERESTING MORE PLEASE!


ok that’s enough for now. dave has loads of stupid sloppy ones.

jenny is a spectac hang time. more pics here though i’m sure you get the point.

26 thoughts on “talk to the hangover

  1. Hot girls, hot girls, la la la, how nice. “do you think anyone would take me seriously if i wore sequins on a regular basis?” Ahem?

  2. Hey kind of off-topic (are there ever really topics on this blog haha) but just wondering, have you ever tried salvia?

  3. yea I tried it last night and it was insane, didn’t know what to expect. It was scary/funny/SEWFUCKED at the time but now I am constantly thinking about alternate realities and higher dimensions and all this shit. Did you like your shroom trips

  4. 1) I just laughed my hangover off – thanks Raymes. Funniest girl ever.

    2) Big mac photo caption is genius.

    3) Were you checking my temperature against your own??

    4) I make spins look good.

  5. If I have not yet been banned I should very much like to add a comment about hotness. Actually, old guys don’t generally use the word “hot”. Unless they are wearing gold chains and wearing open polyester shirts from the seventies.

    Normal old guys, like me, use the word attractive. I think Raymi and her friend are both very attractive. Further, I observe that they both enjoy rather large noses. Their probisci (plural of proboscis)are attractive features.

    I was really infatuated with Barbara Streisand, and she has a huge schozz. She is hot. Thank you for your kind attention.

  6. babs will only agree to interviews if her left profile is to the camera. typically all talk shows have seats that would make one’s left side be facing back to the sets not to the audience. i have never actually looked into this and can barely recall where i gleaned it from but anyway i decided then and there that my better side was my left side too.

  7. Well…now that I reflect on it, noses do look larger when viewed from the right. Nevertheless, there is something about a big honker that really makes me feel romantic. But enough about me, let’s talk about you for a minute. I want to thank you for the gift of the lesbian poster. I did take a look at it, blown up. It’s not so much of an erotic as one that makes me want to caution you (and Jennifer) that you could catch a terrible cold touching tongues that way.

    Be that as it may, have a very merry Christmas!

  8. Johnny Maudlin – Men my age (61) do not ever use words like “Hot” when in the presence of well, Hot women, because saying so would risk being spoken back to which of course may lead to a drink for the hell of it and soon there’s dancing on the tables somewhere in Mexico and I end up dead of a heart attack somewhere in the sawdust. Now, try explaining That One to the wife!

    No, better just to sit and contemplate, or crochet, or do Tylenol and Coke.
    Merry Christmas to all from Lowell, Mass. Home of Jack Kerouac.

  9. Raymi your hair looks awesome in these pics, esp number 2 and 28 (from the top of the post)

    I’m sure I have said this before but you have to fill us in on your hair “routine” cus it looks such good condition!

    I have quite a bad case of hair envy I have to say :)

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