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snowflake music

dragged my mom and niece all over the city yesterday afternoon, apparently it wasn’t “real” enough for them. uh guys this is how real toronto people live and this is where they go. one stop on the raymi express was this cute little shop in koreatown where the proprietor is insane(ly awesome!) and a clever salesman.

cannot wait to have a house there will be an entire room filled to the tits with this shit.

the guy pulls out a jar of these and gives us each one and i’m like oh yeah cute and he mimics swallowing it so i go to pop it in my mouth and he freaks NO NO not to eat! so he opens one and there’s a little scroll inside with a metal ring around it (you’re supposed to write a message to someone) so i put it in my purse and he’s like no no not for free. guy, why did you give me this then? he let me keep mine, i’m going to write a message on it for my niece. “sorry the long walk i took you on sucked” love aunty lauren.

pickin’ out nail polish.


um as if i’m not buying this.

hailey wants the coke one. her birthday’s just around the corner too. i tried to impress upon her the fact that maybe she REALLY wanted the pink one. no dice.

cut through christie pitts on our way to wychwood park and my mom proclaims they are used to parks and grass, that’s boring, they want lights, action. um ok but it’s daytime. they went to yonge/dundas square last nite.

see there you go you wouldn’t find that in your precious yonge dundas sqaure area.

lucky houses. last year or the year before fil and i saw a huge tree down in this area, something about the higher ground maybe?

if anyone wants to hang with my niece and i tomorrow get at me – hotel party – no parents!

before we went out to brad’s show last nite dave mentioned that my xmas tree ornaments weren’t to scale (just you wait til i post all of his MINIS) so we did this little side-by-side. click for larger photo of the beer can to ball ratio comparison.

one more for good measure. here‘s a better enlarged shot.

this is the ancient beer opener i found on sunday.

cool no?

25 thoughts on “snowflake music

  1. pretty sweet yeah
    old beer stuff rules
    that tree’s down cause the wind split it probably
    did mikey c go to that show i told him to go to

  2. “that tree’s down cause the wind split it probably”

    WOW are you a wizard or something!?

    dunno didnt hear from him it was packed

  3. I know that shop! I recognize the weird shelving system stuff on the walls — I actually looked at renting it in the winter when it was vacant. Fascinating, I know.

  4. Ok preez do not give crock to little girl neice for burfday la! In Chinese give clock is mean ‘send final’ you know what final means? Attend funeral! Don’t give die to da girl on her bday la!

  5. what would you use it for?

    sass i dont believe in hocus pocus like that, i may have a big asian bonheur, but i do not follow that ish. i will give her the clock as an extra gift then? how do you get a clock you have to buy it yourself? i gace fil a watch for his birthday 5 years ago.

  6. i know trees with emerald ash borer, mountain pine beetle, army worm, termite, woodpeckers but the common culprit is old age, lightning or wind storm – you can tell how it split that it was the wind


  8. well you were like something about the higher ground maybe and yeah higher ground gets more wind.
    sorry that thunder bay television is the center of the universe, we’ve got other things on our plate did you know a WILD BOAR IS ON THE LOOSE?

  9. i dont but i know. i prefer authentic HK merch and not necesarily hello kitty herself, i like the other sanrio characters more.

  10. yeah i second the liking of OTHER sanrio characters more…

    everyone always forgets about Choco-cat or Badtz Maru or Cinnamaroll

    how come those dudes never get any press

    speaking of weird non-authentic HK, have you ever seen the hot pink HK Avtomat Kalashnikov? SICK. and not in a good way. I hear it goes well with the humvee-mounted fully automatic .50 cal Strawberry Shortcake “Berry Picker”.

    Like even that snooty Strawberry Shortcake bitch gets her name on something highly dangerous and questionable, and Choco-Cat gets dick all. Wheres my fucking Choco-Cat frag grenades, o maker of illegitimate Sanrio wares??

  11. Have you ever been to Markham? There’s a store called “one’s” basically a small Asian Ikea look-alike with the cutest little household trickets. STRAIGHT FROM JAPAN! Did you actually get those keyboard stickers? I wanna see how they look!

  12. I deal vintage (ever need anything, holler at me) and I briefly played with the idea of opening a retail location, but ended up deciding it was too risky in this economic clime of ours, blah blah. Part of me really really wanted to open in that tiny location in the porno theatre lobby across the street, but the rent was unjustifiably high.

  13. Ugh, this makes me want to know Toronto better. I’m never there in summer since I go back to Norway, I need to explore more!

  14. wow your niece is GORGEOUS! i know you know but I need to say it and also everything in that store makes me crazy ape shit MAD in love.

    you are the fly girl.

  15. from an arborist viewpoint; there is no way that tree shouldn’t have withstood the storm. where was this? by the pits? i’d like to see the remains. that’s a fuckin huge maple snapped off mid-trunk. insane.

  16. We were just tired from all the other walks we had been on and late nights, so wasn’t into too much park walk

    Thanks for meeting us

    Hailey had a blast with her new introduction to Toronto Life!

  17. Well, whatchu want, whatchu need? Just drop me a line whenever.

    And the tree is on Pendrith at Christie. (Not a stalker, that’s just my hood.)

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