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in a tower of steel nature forges a deal

one of the pairs of shorts i feared had been ruined last week. don’t kill yourself until you give ‘em a wash ‘n dry. there’s not much material left in the crotch area but other than that, passable.

see? no that ain’t balls, just my impeccably toned and curvaceous AYSE made more apparent by tan lines and possibly bending over like so.

um yeah hi. how can you hate anybody in a bun? i dunno why but you just can’t. also i get carded all the time when i bun it out. maybe cos they think i’m on my way to ballet class and only four year olds take ballet.

i really miss dance maybe this winter i’ll get out some stir crazy in classes.

can you picture me in a leotard awkwardly spazzing around the room dance-face supreme. (notice the pile of hippie bags on that chair? there’s like 30 of them STOP LEAVING THEM HERE BROSZ7KOWSKI)

then fil can go back to his mafia wars in peace. (thanks brosz7 for getting him into that you asshole).

amy winehouse ‘rexic much holy stick limbs ha. i’m cleaning up i swear.

then my necklace busted. COOL.

it will be fixed it’s ok. (it’s not ok).

yes, quite pleased with these little shorts i am.

i wish i didn’t add that stupid branch. this is a finch. it has a frame i’ll have to figure out how to mount it permanently in, keeps popping out.

new delicious discovery. i LOVE anything remotely coffee-flavoured, especially ice cream (yogurt) and chocolate, (pot of gold i am comin’ for you) or any kind of truffle mm mmm yes. someone needs to clean the freezer.

less fattening even than the chapmans yogurt plus.

now in the not delicious department… i was actually trying to get a somewhat attractive glamour shot.

some hippie forgot their cucumber.


summer glisten what’s up! yeah it’s a bit much but just wait til winter white face so enjoy this now.

we biked home from supermarket friday nite, why i’m so glowy. they stamped everyone on the patio just before we got there so you had to pay $5 to get in, then fil went back and they let him in free but made our friend justin pay ten? fucking scoundrels. then when we left i wanted to use the bathroom, the chick was like i need to see id, so i go back through patio fighting smoking hipster turds, retrieve id, show it then the chick says she has to hold on to it while i go to the bathroom, wait why? in case i totally lose myself in the scene and decide to fuckin’ giv’er on the dance floor til last call? you blew it supermarket, i’ll still eat your food but not goin’ back to hang at nite peace. while i understand you have tons of young people there fucking it up for the rest of us, i really do not tolerate bossy pointless rules. i had to hold in my pee the entire time why would i pay just to use the bathroom?

crapattackz is still in full-effect sons!

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