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yes the river it spoke to me

westbound yesterday for a dermatology appointment (if you haven’t been following i have/had a keyloid cyst on my shoulder) and for the fourth (fifth?) time now had it lasered and injected with collagen? this time a different technician did it and she injected me four times, usually it’s one or two tiny injections cos the doctor is a shyster i presume, give ‘em the least bit of juice so they have to come back for more and more treatments and he makes more money. this time the area is actually bruised blue/purple, which is good. the cyst has morphed into two now, one section is flat the other puffy. sitting in the waiting room i felt super guilty and frivolous and selfish cos i was surrounded by people with terrible skin and here i am getting this minor insignificant thing zapped on my shoulder.

then in the doc room they have new monitors fitted showcasing all the treatments they offer: ear pinning, botox, lipo, lifts, tattoo removal, everything. totally mesmerizing watching that screen and i dunno, being that close to it you’re like well it just seems so easy and doable. of course prices don’t flash across the bottom but still, momentarily you fantasize about it putting the costs out of mind.

except for when you go to pay for your minor little procedure. so far i’ve paid 110 + 63 + 63 + 63 + 63 and while i see slight change, the thing is definitely still on my shoulder and it isn’t guaranteed to go away completely. my advice to you is to never ever pick your skin. alright enough gross.

crazytown weather yesterday.

saw district 9 on tuesday, loved it. there are actual funny parts, not at all what i expected and the way it’s presented is pretty unique, and clever. i also predict a sequel. these are the flowers in the indigo bathroom, whoever’s in charge of these is definitely a dreamer.

um likewise for whomever wrote this.

the gap’s bandwagon-jumping on the coat tails of woodstock’s anniversary. shocking, i’m shocked at you the gap. introducing 1969 what exactly?

nice try photoshop (check it bigger) in proportion legs much?

capicola pizza from martinos.

they didn’t have any chickens that day so i got pad thai. their menu is hilarious to me, thai and italian and indian and canadian, yeah sure ok. the bbq is amazing and for a 1/4 piece it’s just 5 bucks.

admittedly, fil is way better at this hiding the little gay friend man game than i am. (he’s gay because he’s a grow a gay best friend thing someone asked once)

he’s dirty because he was previously hidden in the espresso grounds tin. after that i stuck him in the kosher salt but the moisture from the cold grounds (freezer) made the salt clumpy so i abandoned it then found him in the ice tray.

he’s thawed out now no idea where to put him next. before i had him in fil’s battery charger for over a week and before that for WEEKS he was in the battery compartment of a wii remote courtesy fil. welcome to the funny farm.

speaking of, after watching truth be told: i’m obsessed with my pet we gave cid some catnip.


then we tramped over to BFF09‘s opening party/show at the Polish Combatants Hall (neat place)(thanks sean!) do make say think was headlining.

yes i took a roll. or 3. crumpler, your bags are nerdy but your advertising/promo is certainly fly.

fil had three of these monster beers at 6% each. someone‘s out to get laced. i had a couple white wines and they tasted like hangover, and were fizzy too why?

really dug on the poster design and merch overall.

did not dig on the snoozy hippiefest. i don’t know why seeing people sitting at shows makes me so uncomfortable, i mean i get it but i, don’t?

to be fair the musician was playing lullaby music.

hung out in the other area and watched the entire video reel thrice over. in this one the guy biked the holland tunnel then got arrested or fined at the end. took him 4 minutes and 51 seconds. other videos effectively illustrated exactly why motorists and pedestrians hate cyclists (couriers) and how people living in the suburbs think city bikers all ride. i liked the village bicyle project film the most, very touching.

tonsa arty hippie new age scenester bicycle outfit dreadlocked people out this nite.

it was also stupid hot and then i started feeling nauseous.

finally. one of the guys in this band is from broken social scene and if asked to describe this act i would say yeah, fully, BSS. great tunes though, kinda wasn’t in the right mood for it. each song was ten minutes long and we didn’t hear singing once though only lasted three songs i am a total killjoy. i really tried, really i did!

couldn’t make out shit.

so i focused on the pretentiously mysterious sort of shot.

damn girl!


20 thoughts on “yes the river it spoke to me

  1. oooh fuck i bought Corey a Crumpler bag. I had no idea they were nerdy.
    In fact I had never even heard of them…
    but the bag itself is pretty smart, in my opinion/

  2. gap stands for gay and proud

    also i also use lots of toilet paper i think it stems from not wanting to stick your paw anywhere near your ass.

  3. It bugs me when people are sitting at shows too. I think it’s because it reminds me of some sort of school assembly performance; maybe some kind of anti-drugs or drinking gay play that you would always try to sneak out on but sometimes got caught and were forced to sit through. Anyway, your pictures of everyone sitting totally look like pictures from my yearbooks of people sitting through some or the other gay thing in the gym.

    P.S. Didn’t you hate the way shoes squeaked on the school gym floor?

  4. it just makes me feel like they are mad at me for standing off to the side and they hijack this HUGE area with their hippie purses all leaning on each other like hi um highschool is OVER.

    I once was asked to headline some anniversary party a fashion/art event. They literally had a clown out in the street getting people to come into the party and when they get in there, it’s a long-ass lineup of sleepy lullaby shit, hours and hours of it, and then me going up with my beats to knock them out of their trance. These two little teenage boys somehow finagled their way in at the beginning and stuck it out for the whole thing.
    I have no patience for that singer/songwriter, acoustic guitar sleepy shit.

    Know what’s worse than hippies taking up floor real estate sitting? When a group of people have thrown their coats and purses in a pile on the dancefloor and are dancing around them like it’s a bonfire and they’re doing tribal rites. Me and this woman once kicked people’s shit out of the way and that group of people was none too thrilled about that.

  6. If your wine is fizzy and not a sparkling wine or champagne, it’s an off bottle. No wonder they tasted like hangover!

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