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dumb it down love it up

i love talking.

holding a pen makes you appear as though you are deep in thought and what i was thinking was i am holding a pen right now i should continue with this further and make note of it for the future.

i felt like every time i fidgeted everyone noticed so then of course i fidgeted a ton.
rocky (second from left beside steve) of teksavvy was very on the ball.

that’s mark of mozilla – rules. i am probably composing a grocery list in my head at that point ha kidding.

at the end i kind of bulldozed through all the techy speak and preached that this needs to be approached from an emotional standpoint. lets think about how we would be perceived globally and other such jargon. it worked. applause and scene. maybe i will take my blog down for a week and encourage others to do the same to have a taste of what the internet would be like if we (canadians) all had to pay a ton of money to access it and host our websites on it. something to demonstrate exactly how this potential catastrophic duopoly would create a void on our beloved internets. i’m referring to netneutrality and you need to sign that petition and get others to sign it too, and on and on. get involved people!

19 thoughts on “dumb it down love it up

  1. You and Sass were refreshing – and yeah, the audience members totally droned on with points that really did not “advance” the issue at hand.

    What I *loved* was the idea of taking down indy, blog and arts sites for a week. with enough people participating, that would be really dramatic.

  2. where were you sitting in the audience i sort of made a point to seek you out but i didn’t see any blood or hear moaning so i guess you left?

  3. Hell yeah net neutrality. I signed that petition. The lack of neutrality we already have is sickening, and it can only get worse if people aren’t aware of it.

  4. I was the douche-bag who asked “what is plan b?” and apparently somewhere in the hot air itr had been answered already… and my new shoes gave me a blister and I stand for the whole thing so i legft

  5. i signed that petition! i agree that taking your blog down for a period of time, as well as others following suit, is a good idea to drive the point home.

    and YOU would stick with it, unlike some *OTHER* blogger i know of that lasted ONE WHOLE day. heh.

    sass’ tights are HOT.

    as Gogol Bordello puts it “Start Wearing Purple!”

  6. Bringing up the emotional side of things was the smartest move… After all, we can’t just “let the nerds take care of it”. ;) I’m glad they brought two wicked bloggers to the panel.

  7. i feel like the nerd label has been fully blown out of proportion – i did have other catchphrases!

    when i initially said it on my blog it was in a fearful fashion as in lets prevent this from happening – but then all the “nerds” became all “nerd proud” and blew it the fuck up haha.

  8. I don’t know, I can’t really get behind a cause that doesn’t have a colored ribbon. The geeks just need to pick a color already.

  9. hhaha that third picture is priceless!! you should draw an imagination bubble over it and just fill it in with something new every few posts!

  10. I’m a web professional (10 years). Nerd if you like, I prefer monkey.

    Obviously not the status quo, judging by comments on *****, but I thank yourself and Sass for attending this.

    This issue needs many more people like you guys to explain things and get the word out. I find too often my explanations are too technical for people. The emotional approach you have taken was genius!

    On the brighter side, I found two awesome blogs to start reading!

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