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valentine’s day nap

yesterday was rough.

good thing we always celebrate v day on the 13th cos yesterday we were pretty useless we barely made it through SNL. the most romantic thing about valentine’s day this year was being reunited with our loblaws. also did you notice your lcbo packed to the gills on friday nite? fil said he hadn’t seen it that full even on xmas eve or new years. do you want to hear something snarky about these chicks in line behind me now or later?

aw cid’s tongue.

new accidental favourite drink. i bought some oranges to go with the 6 of rickard’s white i got for fil (nowhere on the box does it tell you to pair it with orange, if you know the backstory let me know) and was planning to have mimosas yesterday but someone inhaled all my champagne so i squeezed a ton of orange into a modest tumbler of Gewürztraminer and blammo, delicious. remind me to buy an orange press today thanks.

if you ever need to borrow an onion we’re the place.

baby red potato shake seasoning inspired by the flavour of this bag of kettle chips we picked up, not exactly the same flavour but still v amazing: celery salt, white pepper, cayenne, paprika, cumin, chili powder and a few dashes of dried sweet basil. one of those fluke things that just totally worked and with the onions too so so good it blasts your hangover right out of the water.

was dubious about this people’s choice thing but after a few bites you’re so hooked, bland at first then it’s like WHERE ARE THOSE FUCKING CHIPS!

we’ll be eating tenderloin for a week or so if you were at all curious.

i like these better than the my little pony band-aids fyi, they’re like traditional band-aids. next time it’s barbie oh and that would be a mole i’ve detested my entire life, it’s benign.

check mark.

5 thoughts on “valentine’s day nap

  1. Bwahaha, glad you and fil had superb Friday 13th.

    So please, do tell tale of the snarky, line girls. My life needs more entertainment.

    Don’t forget an orange press. I’m pretty sure Honest Ed’s will have it, or your local foodery store!

  2. AHH so I have been slacking on my blog readage this weekend, and when that happens I usually read from top down… so I saw this post, typical raymi post. then I got to the post below… uhhh what’s going on?? Then got to the one AFTER THAT and had a heart jump huge grin on my face!!! CONGRATS GUYS!! I can’t wait to see what you choose for the dress……….

  3. Orange is often served with wheat beers; i don’t know if its supposed to add some tart to the otherwise sweet flavour of most wheats or what; I prefer them without.

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