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as in what the fuck else is new

a slew of photos of me i tried not to get any of you guys in them this time.

ok except for this one i missed my chance to capture the pretty bouquet t’was before this baby’s pretentious breath collection (or whatever it is), we’ve been at the whistle so many times over the last few weeks i felt a kinship with that fucking bouquet.

hey what’s up i came to be extremely moody and to party, the first part is taken care of now bring on the rest.

oh i was in a nice place last nite i was.

my friend jeff put his flash on my matt’s camera. now i want one. but i’m not a camera dweeb like err ahh, anyway. ps. if you want to buy one of fil’s framed photos hit us up, cheaper than my stuff!

see the flash difference now and how washed out my beautiful face is? learning is fun.

hi kid.

i met this guy paul before at matt’s birthday party, funny how alcohol totally thiefs your memories like that eh? turns out he’s some kind of deal i dunno i was too busy making up dumb jokes about his glasses. we blabbed about our mutual appreciation for christmas thanks to his shirt.

matt just told me i met paul before BEFORE too. hahahaha.

regrettably i am not in this picture but the following quips from our man on the right were hilariously incriminating. not regarding zach though unfortch.

in the foreground, awesome, in the background, matt realises he knows paul too.

when we left the steamwhistle a nice snowball fight ensued it felt really nice smashing snow in matt’s face, like, super good nice. no snow jobs were had as we knew how that would turn out. at the end of the skywalk we were greeted by four security, the only female of the lot had the balls to be the deliverer of the you must exit the station news. i’m sure they could hear us all the way from the other end of the walkway screaming and hurling snow bombs. scattered on the ground up ahead on our path were a ton of white triangle paper cups, they looked like snow and we thought OH YES more ammo until we came upon them to realise no, not snow. good time that was.

i washed my hands like crazy when i got home.

skid clan came out to represent, i’m laughing cos to everyone else on the subway it looked like i just jumped on these stranger’s laps for a photograph. i even did the walking down the stairs bit when we got off before them i realise none of this is making sense so have a nice one.

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