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hello sirs

yeah yeah yeah vintage fur blah blah snoooze. i never got the whole IT’S VINTAGE justification, so bullshit, (no offense world) yeah it happened before you were born but so what, you bought it. blood is on your hands too. ps you look like a mental case who are you, whitney houston?

person 1: is that a fur coat?

person 2: it’s vintage

person 1: is it real fur

person 2: vintage fur

person 1: ok, and that solves what exactly?

person 2: it’s ok because IT’S VINTAGE

person 1: how so?

person 2: JUST BECAUSE

person 1: superb argument i’m convinced!

that being said, i love this coat.

the one time i make a go at steph‘s big scarf another girl turns up wearing the exact same one.

little impy came out despite being sickly. we did the photobooth there and the pictures came out very dark, if you ask the bartender nicely for two loonies for your toonie he gives you tokens. i’m going to scan them in and get fil to lighten them up.

the man of the hour i wanted to bring him a flower but they only had gross dried out antique looking forest garbage at sobeys so i got him his favourite instead, garlic bagel crisps which we all slaughtered by nite’s end.

paddy jane’s outfit was amazing.

check that one piece red velour number and you can see me asking the dj for fifty songs she didn’t have.

these are jeff‘s pictures (you can see the rest of the set there) he knew raymi before raymi was raymi too, don’t bother asking him for stories though.

hi everyone coming from here my hits are ‘sploding!

13 thoughts on “hello sirs

  1. I’ve had the same problem with vintage fur! As a vegan I can’t deal with people wearing fur, but as a fashionista damn, if it’s vintage, you’re essentially recycling the piece that would have (in theory) been tossed!?

    Regardless, I’m still having a moral dilemma about whether or not I can wear this kick-ass jacket I found in my mum’s closet. So basically kudos to you! :)

  2. i don’t think it would/should ever be tossed, once the deed is done it’s done why further insult it? i have no idea WHAT the thing is to do about it now though, basically if you are cave people and require it to survive then it’s fine, i don’t think red carpets get very chilly. mur is furder.

  3. The part of the Vintage fur argument I use is that because you’re buying it from some second hand store and not a FUR STORE, your purchase has no impact on the current market/demand for fur.

    (makes sense to me).

  4. What’s the deal with people hating on fur/ vintage fur?

    Y’all wear leather / suede shoes, right?

    Y’all wear leather coats/ fur hats/ have leather bags / eat cow. How can you draw the line at fur? Honestly, what’s the difference?

    Wear the fur, I say. Especially in Canada.

  5. the case in point is the stupid argument/justification of it by saying welp “it’s vintage” so therefore it’s ok, and then leaving it at that.

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