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I know this world you don’t.

Hey blog readereenos. Lets be real now, how you doing? How’s winter? How’s work? How’s your overall quality of life? It’s hard getting through winter eh I think it must be for my hater because she will not leave me alone I speculate that my life must look easy to some? Like sorry you have to work so hard and I eat a lot of chocolate who cares maybe get a new hobby? I work a lot too you giant fucking asshole. And I started working on this work years ago so that I could sit on my ass for the rest of my life writing about myself, eternally. Stop telling me to grow up, why? Are you old as shit is that why my artiste lifestyle unhinges you so much? You must be ugly too, must! The insides of your core definitely are. Ew. It sickens me to even write about you. It is your goal in life to make me out to be as despicable as you feel, day in and out. Everything you say to me is a projection of your self’s reflection and I am tired of your abuse. I had a talk with the police yesterday about you. They called me. I would be afraid, you are being watched. They told me to tell you that.

So, no matter fucking what I post you chirp up about me FINE I will just continue on then pissing you off you sicko fuck. This is where I will be “growing up” turning 30 in Aruba next week. For two weeks. Enjoy your shitty cold temperature. I might go off the grid. Haha kidding there’s wifi at my house don’t worry about that. Yes, my house. For two weeks.

ANywhoooo. My insiders say STFU about you because I AM RAYMI THE MINX. If you have all these alleged jobs and glory why are you obsessing over me? You are a nothing. You are a liar. You wish you were me and “that is sad” but understandable. I mean, I’d totally wish to have cult following infamy too had I not I would SOOOOO want Playboy to recognize and admire and pay me for one. being hot and two. super fucking smart! I’d love to have the spotlight shined on me for years and years of hard work day in and out of blog influencing spin doctoring it girl WORK for telling stories about every goddamn thing and person I do for assholes at home to devour because I know they love it and I’m good at it I am not sorry for doing what I was born to do and doing it well I’m just sorry you can’t figure out how to shine in your own light and are so threatened by me and that you hide after all these years if you super fucking think you can stand toe-to-toe with me and the way I am living my life then why you hiding bro, if you REALLY were my foe and competition then come out with it and own it and lets fucking go, lets let them see who you are and then I will address the PAGES of queries and meticulous obsessive falsities you’ve trolled me with over the years you piece of loser shit. I’m sorry you have to “work three jobs” because you are ugly. I am sorry you are both 20 and 30 years old at the same time somehow and that a man comes and visits you once in awhile???? Like I asked for this information? Do you think I give a shit about you? Do you not have any real friends to tell this shit to? Do you want me to come and fuck you will that make you alright? I am sorry you are so drawn to me because obviously it repulses you this basketball diaries vortex you’re in I just hope I figure out who you are in time that you go full SWF on me.

I am a person afflicted with depression. I am a unique snowflake. I am one of those people. A rock star said that I have star quality. Fact. Many have, continue to. I am well-respected. I am a muse. People I don’t fuck who are more famous and successful adore me. Sorry to break it to you that for lack of a better term I’m, AWESOME. Do I fucking sound off about it every day like every other vapid diva blogger? NO. You clearly see it and that is why you are attempting so fastidiously to break me down. Cyber bullying is your method. Do you know that you have a mental illness? It is a fact that you have mental illness. Repeat that to yourself and work on it. The flow of your negativity ends with me I do not continue this abuse or deliver it to anybody else I do not torment haunt or stalk people, you are disgusting. You are watching someone live their life in the way that they have chosen in order to survive it and the only thing they are guilty of ever is sharing their life with the world. You’re so blindingly jealous of any and everything about me I really feel bad for you but only after I complete visualizing all the violent things I am going to do to you once I find you and before I hand you over to my cop friend. This isn’t a threat it’s a promise. You have ruined too many days of my life, you have harassed and hurt me and because I’m not someone of Julia Roberts a-list stature you are STILL HERE. If I had your identity, crissy, I’d have a restraining order on you. If I was Julia Roberts you’d be written about in US weekly.

Anyway, grown up or not, women journal. They blog. They diarize. Women elder than I adopted MY NICHE, mommy bloggers got on board, teenagers of course too, and that’s awesome because everybody is allowed to do it, to share their life to have differing opinions on shit and share them I never thought that my differing opinions would be so spectacularly horrifying to anger people so much but, that is the nature of the internet people have anger problems and they sound them off online and most without thinking first. I can handle “the haters” thing I get that not all are as mentally matured as I or you or him or that but this is beyond that at this point. This is one person targeting me this is irreversible rage this person will not stop or give up and I am not going to lose this battle until justice is served. I know the phone you use, your city, SO MANY IP addresses, and amount of times on my blog. When you are found, you are fucked. That is a promise.

What’s going to happen when I get into a relationship and have babies are you going to psycho harass me then too? Yeah no you have to end now. We are settling this shit once and for all. I don’t want you to be part of my life anymore. Sometimes life in itself is work you wouldn’t understand that because you’re trapped in a box. Well I am not. I have been trying to illustrate that to the fucking world for 12 years now apparently I HAVEN’T BEEN CLEAR ENOUGH.

Life is work because it just is. Even to vacation that is work. Planning it. Travel insurance, clothes. Accommodation. I have to listen to mom and Lois nag me day in and out leading up to it what to pack. Travel stress/anxiety. Whatever. I am tired of being made to feel guilty about the spoils I receive when I receive them I’m trying to celebrate my fucking life here good grief it’s my fucking birthday month and you will never be happy, if I’m working eight jobs or have 4 boyfriends if I am fat or if I’m thin YOU WILL NEVER BE HAPPY and that’s on you so keep it to yourself.

Look it’s lobster cobb salad! How infuriating! Write a paragraph about it fuckstain!

Standing in lamp light my mom’s idea holy shit do we ever need to grow up or what MAY DAY MAY DAY!!!! Can you pour me a glass of grow up or what please it’s an emergency.

Better sit down because OH SHIT here comes some self confidence now get a load of this I’m posting a selfie something I do a fraction of the amount of time that I used to and comparatively to the attention-seeking ways of my fellow blogging instagramming facebook REST OF THE FUCKING PLANET I hope someone’s there to pick up the pieces of you being blown through a wall over this smug hotel mirror shot and my boot on the toilet what? Oh no…

NOT INSTAGRAM! God fucking Christ NOT Instagram! Don’t take a family photo St. Patty’s Day keepsake like that now what nerve. Grow up and sit in front of an office desk with shuffled work papers on it instead of blogging photos of what you did on holiday like you haven’t been doing this for twelve years already like you just woke up and decided to be a blogger out of the blue something totally foreign like that and what are these words doing here while I’m at it what is this a fucking quippy anecdote or something are you trying to make me laugh here why are you still typing go grow up I SAID get thee to a boring life where we can’t see you or hear you because you make us irate stop telling us things and stuff about things stop daring stop deigning stop trying stop meow!

And now I’m going to organize my seasonal piles of clothing thank you for watching.

31 thoughts on “I know this world you don’t.

  1. “Look it’s lobster cobb salad! How infuriating! Write a paragraph about it fuckstain!” – Best.

  2. I don’t even have the words right now; I’ve started and deleted this comment three times now.

    This person needs to stop. Just fucking stop. How is the threat of legal action not enough incentive?

    Those who have nothing try to destroy those who have everything. I’m sorry this person is harassing you, Raymes. But you’ve got them pegged, and we all (and they) know it.

  3. actually now i’m upset at myself for failing to suggest “cobbster salad” because that is a vastly better portmanteau than lobb salad

  4. I’ve been reading and loving you and your blog for several years Raymi.
    Thanks for doing what you do and being you! Im sorry some idiot psycho is giving you a hard time. I think you and this response is not only super hilarious but makes me wish you could be in my corner fighting all my battles with me lol look out!! Have a blast in Aruba for your bday :))

  5. Just wanted to leave my support, as a now and then peaker in’er of your lovely blog. Maybe this woman actually and strangely needs someone like you to show her how to be a better person, not hate on other women, and get a life in general. It’s too bad it has to be you, and that you are dealing with someone who is clearly engulfed in her own jealousy, bitterness, and misery, but maybe she will finally see the light through all of this. Positive thoughts to you!

  6. Clearly this person has a weird obsession with you. You don’t harass someone for that long unless you’re a crazy obsessive weirdo.

  7. It’s too bad I am the focal point of her entire life indeed she seriously sits parked on my blog all night long all morning long every day the amount of hits logged are in the triple thousands. I don’t have time for other people’s misery I am busy attempting to “grow up”. If she’s smart she will fuck off for good now.

  8. This piece is one long warning for this nut bar, Raymi…..too bad for her, if she doesn’t listen.”Get thee to a boring life” would be letting her off easy. And seriously, she is the one who needs to grow up!!

  9. Your rant was SO cutting, SO sharp, the last bits made me laugh and think, Get Em! Just that one line, “Look!” & “How infuriating!” I can hear the dripping sarcasm and it’s delicious. Not fun to get nutbag freako stalkers but you sure as hell raked your nails up 1 side & down the other. Can’t wait to hear about your fun in Aruba & see the future pics. Happy Birfday Raymi our Best Hero, you GO!

  10. Can you let go of the pathetic stalker for now and get packed
    Lois is nagging me to death, like I have some special power or something
    what the hell?

  11. “People I don’t fuck who are more famous and successful adore me.”

    Boom. What a brilliant way of putting it! Quotes like that are the reason I (and the rest of us) keep coming back.

  12. P.S. Don’t forget you have a lot more lovers than haters. We’re just not as vocal about it. Try not to let this bad apple ruin the bunch.

  13. oh hell yes!!!! superb writing. rabble-rousing. FIRE!
    put that kind of energy in regardless of provocation i reckon. don’t let it be that you need an anger stumulant to unleash the blatant talent. bra to the vo, woman. good luck!

  14. TK, me? The last post I made was :”
    March 20,
    Loving it! Your still faithful reader……… pretty you, pretty pictures”
    I hope YOU don’t think so, Tracy, really. I’ve been reading Raymi for many many years. I try to always leave upbeat, supportive comments. :-/ ?

  15. Anne disregard my mom’s comments they don’t make sense to me either nor follow what is actually going on here. You are a top-ranking commenter.

  16. This isn’t the same stalker that’s been around for __ years, is it? ’cause shee-yit, that’s dedication. This is why I’m glad my blog isn’t popular. The worst I have going on is a persistent foot fetishist on Flickr (say that 5 times fast).

    Have a Fabulous time in Aruba!!!

  17. yes! doing my living offline mainly. but reading rtm is a serious habit, watching you keep going is as comforting as half a pint with a very old friend next to a roaring fire. :)

  18. but with posts like this it’s more like whisky and guiness with a live irish band playing foot stomping fiddle tunes metres away.

  19. You lit a roaring fire under my ass email me dood lets catch up/whatevs/NBD I love writing when Im angry or totally avoiding proper stuff to do it’s like a monster awakening listen up cheers.

  20. I can’t believe someone would waste so much time trying to get you down. Pathetic. Live life and blog. That is all you need to do to be successful. You’re an amazing writer and a strong personality. It may be tough but don’t let people get to you. They don’t deserve the attention. Have a fab trip to Aruba!

  21. I think alot of people tend to hate on those who are unemployed.
    They expect us to be grovelling around taking out resumes begging for a job and living off 2 minute noodles.
    When they see someone loving comfortably, unemployed, it sparks a jealous rage in them. “Why do I have to get up at 5am in the freezing cold to flip burger patties all day, when raymi gets to lounge around tanning in Aruba”.
    I’ve run an Internet business for many years, and can love comfortably without working, I have gained alot of hate from it myself. People seem to think an Internet job doesn’t equal a real job. Well hello, anything that pays is a job. Even prostitution for goodness sake. They’re just jealous they have to work long gruelling hours for a minimum wage, while others are out there chillaxing at home, sleeping in, eating out, travelling, etc.

  22. Goddamnit, I just read this post now and two things 1. good on you for calling out that psycho and 2. where in the fuck can i get that delicious salad?

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