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Rando dando

Staycations <3. Off to the Drive-in.

3 thoughts on “Rando dando

  1. first of all, i want to say you are beyond awesome. more of us women should strive to be as free and in control as you. good to see you are happy with steve.

  2. Well well,
    I NEVER ever write comments on people’s blogs…. EVER but I was looking at this post and I don’t know if its my hangover talking or what but I decided to write.

    I’ve been following your blog in some capacity or another for about 5 years now (wow, thats crazy). Sometimes I read, sometimes I just scroll through the endless pictures.

    I feel in some way I am ‘allowed’ to make a comment now about this relationship of yours.
    Sidenote: I dont really know what the quotation marks mean around allowed but I guess I know that my opinion doesn’t really matter. If I could put that word in italics maybe it would be more sensical? Probs not.. anyway

    …the relationship thing, its really cute. You guys seem to fit beautifully together and you look really really happy. I’m glad.

    lots of love,
    the classic ‘anon’ post

    — see I did it again…

  3. So jealous that you saw Madonna! She’s on my list of performers to see in my lifetime, for sure. Also, your hair extensions look gooood!

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