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So, I’ve successfully been more interesting than you for 11 years now, how’s it feel?

From this, to..

This. In seconds. (or hours of waiting all day long, whatevs) #dirtbag #princess #genius.


Going back to take pics in the day or bring a real camera with flash, these pics are crap. It was really late, or early, so the lighting wasn’t on my side but it’s always dark under that bridge anyway. How wasted do I sound, keepin’ it together madmen styles haha.

portrait of the artist.

There’s a lot of it, I sloshed it up there 6 times or so and not even that much, it was the bitter end of the bottle. This just in, paint drips! Hello gravity.


Broken Heel Diaries Woman: Raymi the Minx!

I want to be remembered for… Dying happy. Satisfied by my life and achievements. Getting to that thatched roof cottage in Ireland.

Beauty is… Cate Blanchett. Classic. Royalty. Status. Inner beauty, deep, graceful. Touching. Artistic. Silk, cream, pearls, swans, soft forest floors, moss, sunbeams in dew etc.

Read the rest here. Thanks guys and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG!

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