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Lets taco about it!

yay flickr is working again but now I have to go.

So you will have to wait til next time bye bye.

Right now life can be simplified in to two categories: EATING TACOS and WAITING TO EAT TACOS.

Effective! I want one right now.

Baahhahaha taco porn.

Then we said bye to Michael Nus. Lates guy see you in three months. What? I have friends in the city I don’t see for that long lol but any reason to party the minx will take.

I had a Mick Jagger costume change in between you betcha. Livin’ in between shit rules. Lots more of these pics later btw too.

Bech sent me another pic of me and Strombo for my Stromboner collection. I’ll keep him on my TO DO list for now haha.

Are you dopes trying to get me killed? ha.

My bicep work looks to be paying off. Ok colleague’s here gotta dash. I am wearing fake eylashes for my first time ever try not to stare at them too much. And these boots from bech’s designer whatever something friend but her big toe is too big she said and I said how do you have such a long toe are you an elf? SO I got them instead of the garbage.

Jules my adorablah little friend was oot and aboot. Remind me to link her blog it’s good and fresh.

ps. it’s apocalypse meow looking enough down here or what? Ron Sparks and I are enjoying a magic pony story time.

6 thoughts on “Lets taco about it!

  1. mmmmmm Strombo is SO HOT. Jelly that you got to meet him.

    And now I want tacos, THANKS.

    Why do I read your blog again? You’re a bad influence (and by bad I mean great).

  2. oh we’ve met years ago. i know anything i mention here is dangerous as it’s a highly influential and suggestible blog, reader bewaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare.

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