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Cause for Paws gala

Hey weirdos! Last week mom and I hit up Cause for Paws at Appleby College – swank! – well lah-dee-dah and so on. I spaced on posting because there is just SO MUCH to share. Blogging is harder than it looks you dings dongs.

I don’t even know how my mom can deal with all her events and photos, being organized and on point. Going to make her a website next week and I bet it would get more hits than mine if she kept at it. I have a lot of things I am hustle juggling at the moment too so it’s a little bananas to even conceive of a project like that.

I consulted _insert celebrity friend namedrop_ for Holly McNarland last week for starting up a blog and realised this is what my mom needs too. Facebook is limiting. Getting photos for events in a random scatter for years makes my job harder, I delay posting and then social media just swallows it all up and into a blackhole of “whatever” and “meh”. Then the guilt oh the guilt.

That guy is so Robin Thicke-ing my butt can you blame him #BumBumLauren. No idea who these people are haha. It was a swell and sociable night will definitely go again next year.

This is my prom dress from when I was 18. My mom made me go to my prom although I was moving to NYC and had a boyfriend. I went and I am glad. I didn’t get a froofy ballgown prom dress cos “I didn’t care” but instead got the practical easy cocktail dress from Le Chateau for my future self to Minx around in.

Looks better on me now. In highschool I didn’t know anything about exercise or eating right I was a party machine. Now, I am a party machine who does it right lol.

These are all my photos we will get through first then my mom’s and you’ll see more of the actual event. We always seem to shut them down (party lingerers). Paris Hilton calls that party debbies but F that B cos she faked that plane crash stunt and I fell for it.

Fun times. Blayne took these. Started out as one then turned into fun. The Cause for Paws event has been in effect for years (14!) and I had never been although all my old friends did/have #itscomplicated but Tracey was hungry to go so I got us on the list last minute. I HATE COMMITING to things but I also like things to look forward to. Feel free to reach out and invite me to your thing btw fyi.

Ooh that’s a good one why I have sat on it so long I dunno.

There is just something about balloons.

Scene change getting awkward meow!

My new buddy. You’ve read my blog for years so you know there’s (should be) a Raymi glossary and ONE of those words in it would be SINGLISH. What does singlish mean? When you is single but also have friends with benefits that conjures the false impression of being with partner yet “no strings” ALSO Singlish means you just have a secret boyfriend you don’t blog or ever talk about LOL.

Bathroom babes. At first it’s all secret selfies then more of if you can’t beat ‘em join em. No, join me!

Thanks ladies!

I got a little VIPLEASE treatment.

Beautiful sky, beautiful grounds, cause, and people. Pretty dreamy.

Takes awhile but then you notice the stink-eye. We bought bones and those were our drink tickets. Cute.

The inside had just as much going on as the outside. I like when events have alternative areas.

Katrina and I have known each other for years, you’ve seen her on here before. I saw on the FB invite she was volunteering and was like yass kween!

Supes successful event with generous, decent people who care about animals. Important! Some of my mother’s pics from this event will be in W magazine.

What outside from inside looked like. Spying on people. Like one of my favourite things and this blog wouldn’t exist if not for it haha.

Auction winners. Mom I can tell which one is staring at you most.

Love crowd shots and seeing those I recognize.

He was a little flirt. The best thing about posh events are the party eccentrics who don’t give a ____! SO amusing. His date was his realtor who sold his house years ago and stayed in contact ever since.

Her. I said we could make a photo album alone about her and those hot dogs. Sometimes I say things.

The woman of the hour, founder of Cause for Paws Beverlie! This woman is incredible.

Do you love my body language? This is how comfortable I am around the police and police dogs. No sudden movements bro.

Party couple outfits win I KNOW I’ve seen this couple before but I can’t place where. His shirt had more ladies on the front. Perfection.

Can’t help but notice a bite taken out of that one.

That chick looks amazing. See how hot beige is?

Oysters on hand very good. One guy tried to drop some knowledge on me and I counter-dropped some oyster knowledge on him. I’m like what is this a malpeque? He had no clue. Don’t oyster crates get stamped on them with the name they are, or region? But I wouldn’t stop there though I asked if it was from Japan.

The PR lady Lisa and I. Note how PR women always wear black. Profesional fashion staple.

Do you see me on my phone. Probably instagramming.

Ooh that dress.

I have a thing for uniforms. I just said that out loud, alone in my room as this photo loaded.

Super fabulous. Would wear.

Party be bumpin’ and adult. Jazz piano music allllll night.

We only had a few squabbles over taking each other’s photos. Sigh that will probably never end.

Me and Santa Paws. I really wish I thought up that nickname the night of this.

Lucky for me the night had a purple theme and matched my Swarovski jewel I added to my outfit last minute.

I missed out on these.

I did not miss out on these.

I super gots to go though unfortunately this day got the better of me. Have a great weekend and look fwd to Pt. II of Cause for Paws soon xo!

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