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Dancing my stomach off

Love this song. My only regret is that I did not wear my Cat ears like Ariana Grande. Raymiana Grandest! Sorry y’all know I can’t help it. I danced like this all day long to get fit. Diet and cardio is how you work your way to abs, you must implement aerobics, running, walking, active shit!

Also I have to get used to being on camera. Being awesome on camera. I’m going in to NN HQ next week omgzomfgmagod!

Tomorrow I’ll upload my other videos in other outfits. I love making these things and you know what I look pretty good for almost 32 no? Yes. My new colleague sponsor client buddy friend encouraged a thought I had already intended for in making a video of my exercises. Why not? So I made five of them.

ttyl rlw

6 thoughts on “Dancing my stomach off

  1. Uh you look better than pretty good dude. Love this song too. Took me a few listens and going back to it but how can you not sing along? Cannot be done.

  2. I remember when I first started following you a million years ago and your videos were mostly centered around jumping into and out of frame. You really had a thing for jumping! Look how far we’ve come! You’re magical.

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