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12 tasy pics vol. 3 + stoner contest!



Anchor Bay Studios are holding an exclusive premiere for their upcoming film High School starring Adrien Brody at Varsity Bay/Bloor on Tuesday May 29th at 10am. I HAVE 6 TICKETS to give away to my special Little Raymis out there readin’ reading Raymbo and then when you go all you gotta do is tweet with the hashtag #GetBakedJune8 there is going to be some really “interesting” things happening around Toronto afterwards leading up to the official release June 8th – so follow the hashtag #GetBakedJune8 to stay in the loop btw.

Check out the trailer (Rated R for Raymi).

If you’re interested in watching Oscar award-winning Adrian Brody play a tattoo-covered, pistol packing psychotic drug dealer in a teen stoner comedy before anyone else in Canada to win all you gotta do is tell me how cool I am + write me something funny, anything, fucking impress me for once I don’t care. Tell me how to get Adrian Brody in the sack. Tell me a funny scenario involving me wearing these. Leave all comment submissions in my vomments or tweet harass me. The contest ends when a genius finally shows up. Good luck to all of you.

thanks again for the pasties Coral Reefer! If you were in TDot you would be one of my dates to this premiere.

I’m bringing the girls with me to the pre-screen gala so you can sit near us and throw popcorn at us while I drink from a flask baked out of my mind. If you kick my chair I will destroy you. Have a great Friday!

5 thoughts on “12 tasy pics vol. 3 + stoner contest!

  1. Hi Raymi,
    Re: your contest
    I haven’t a snowball’s chance in hell of winning but I would like to nominate one of your readers. Recently, some guy tweeted you saying he was going to have your pastied torso printed on a t-shirt and wear it proudly. Remember him? I suggest that if he actually does that, and provides proper proof, he wins.

  2. re:your contest
    I remember the first time I met you at your blog-anniversary party. I went there expecting to meet a girl with a larger than life personality and I was not disappointed. It will sound lame but it was like meeting a celebrity because I’d been following your blog so long. You were so down-to-earth and you gave me a hug!

    I also remember how you were dressed. You towered over me with your heels. You had a crazy awesome up-do and were wearing a ball gown.

    I will never forget that. It was a pretty awesome moment.

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