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Mama mama

4 thoughts on “Mama mama

  1. Remember the tip on high-waisted shorts or pants? You have a short torso. High-waisted anything makes it, your torso, non-existent, and your boobs appear as they are down to your belly button. Not flattering. Just cause your friends can sport the look doesn’t mean it’s good for YOU. I would live to jaunt about without a bra, but I am too built for it, my a cup bestie can.. I CAN’T unless I want to be accosted. Anyone who is honest will tell you the same on this high-waisted business, and burn those denim things for you while they’re at it. Shit. Congrats on the new hair do. It’s obvious you’re very excited about the change, and it’s a huge improvement. Obvs this is all IMO.

  2. I am in the band she is dancing to and for the record think this video is about the coolest thing I have ever seen. Pure joy. It’s like a visual representation of how fun it is to play the tune. Also Raymi is a fox. Let me try to say this in a mature way: If I were watching that video and the Boner Police arrived, I would demand a lawyer. Plus, she’s hilarious. Rock on Raymi, you’ve got a new fan.

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