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Yo girl Yogurty’s


REGRESSION! The younger you act the older you get the younger you look. I am taking a peewee herman approach to things (minus that one incident minor career hiccup of course) now that I have fallen on to his twitter page, he tweeted about doing homework and Velociraptors dropping bananas on his head. Hilarious! He also looks like my (still living) papa in his suit I love it. Yogurty’s can you sponsor me to go party with PeeWee Herman thanks. Actually I got totally intimidated by his feed. He’s a genius. Yes I know that’s not his real name. Sidenote: I got a pee wee doll for christmas at age 4, comedian from day one. Ok more peewee talk later. I promise.


White chocolate is the best one. So good. Eating the creation in the freezer later on will certainly be interesting. Not this one though it lasted under a few minutes I stuffed it in my mouth so fast while listening to Lisa talk a million miles a minute. Speed sugar vortex in a futuristic hello kitty bubble during the winter blahs was a very nice girl date. Especially because I go outside never.

Hot sweater Lisa!

Free adorabz buttons. It was like they were listening to my obvious requests or like, paying attention to my VITAL needs or something (from past posts lol). Love you Yogurty’s! You guys are sprouting up everywhere.

Hot asian bad girl (actually super good girl) everybody wins.

I pretended to sneeze on the sneeze guard. NO LAUGHS! Just kidding. TOTAL Laughs.

Lisa and I ate Yogurt for happy hour lunch yesterday. I hoovered mine instantly, it was delicious and I took some more to go. I’ve some other stuff to attend to at the moment so our girl date post will be coming soon. Blogger’s promise*.

*Blogger’s promises bear no guarantee on timing, they happen when they happen.

Loved catching up with you babe. Ps. Every weekday from 11-5 is 50% off Yogurty’s happy hour.

And here is a deal frenzy deal $6 for $12 Worth of Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt at Yogurty’s (multiple locations) if you can’t make it between those hours or wanted to go on a weekend and like saving money. I was shocked when our tubs only came to $11 I thought my hotness got it half off haha turns out, no, you do not have to be hot to get 50% off lol. This is how it looks today! Neat!

In my next post watch me eat a peanut butter cup bigger than Lisa’s head!

What are my fingers doing?

These frozen will be so amazing in the summer time. At one of my fav tiki rooftop patio places during summer they have frozen grapes for when you are sweating in to your clothes tanning on the patio ahh glorious summer GET HERE. Can’t wait to cut the inaug grand opening red ribbon on your Libville locayshe ;) it’s my hood after all.

Thank god for happy hour, cos my hotness certainly wasn’t a determining factor this day in our savings. It was out taking a wizz sorry Yogurty’s big wigs! xo your pal RLW ESQ.

Nice catalogue stance and stupid pants much? I wear them once a year and feel like Garth Algar combined with hair and acid wash. Kay more later! Happy whatever day this is!

14 thoughts on “Yo girl Yogurty’s

  1. they’re filled with juice. actually delicious. i cant remember what they are called, never remember but i dont think it’s tapioca, is that a brand btw?

  2. they’re called popping boba balls, they come in mango, strawberry and passion fruit flavors. I love them !!!

  3. thanks aaron! I have more pics blogging soon, close-ups of them. I think you could actually live off them if you wanted/needed to.

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