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There’s a reason why hater rhymes with masturbator

Hair is getting loooong yayayay.

Here is what happened on a Facebook status update about an hour or whatever ago, welcome to my life. I shared a photo in my feed and put my url in it and decided to add “is still a really great blog” as a joke, it meant nothing. Then this piece of shit chimes up:

*************: questionable. the blog being great that is

Raymi Lauren White is this your walking papers?

************:oh raymi, just an observation. I didnt say anything about yr hair did I? relax.

***************: i just think days and days of piuctures of u on the rug, it gets boring.

Raymi Lauren White oh fuck you skid. when i blog it cranks up to 150 and im on holiday, bye BC hater.

Raymi Lauren White it’s business and nice to see your true colours after years of reading my blog, you finally lose your temper, how suave.

Ryan Griver blogs change, bloggers change, if you want something to stay the same for years try watching The Simpsons.

My status update in MY feed set you off so bad you get all hatey like so? Aw no Raymi is all pretty now I have to make a slag. Meanwhile you haven’t change your photo in ten billion years on facebook what are you hiding from? Being interesting and versatile? What are you hiding from? Gross. YOU are boring. It disgusts me that my niece has to witness this too. You have no tact. Think what you want about me and character assassinate at will but I have more class in my pinky finger than your entire sweaty disgusting army camo hat head. I am flattered that you expect me to give you more though than I already fucking give that means you depend on me Little Raymi hater sorry to let you down but I was too busy partying with those I love and taking care of myself and staying pretty. I like that you referenced the hair attack from previously today I see what you did there! So smart!!! Ahh wicked burn so burned I am burned oh what a world what a world! Thank you for keeping me on my boring living room carpet toes.

I strongly disagree with you though because I feel like these photographic subjects I lay before you, including that of myself, are far more interesting than anything you have to show, say, or anything else you can offer up on this holiday marathon week let alone ONE FUCKING TIME IN THE LAST 4 YEARS (?) THAT YOU HAVE HAVE ADDED ME TO FACEBOOK AND NOT ONCE HAVE I FELT THE URGE TO STRAY YOUR WAY. You are bored and hating as a result. Don’t give me your shit. You are so boring you had to leave a comment on MY facebook wall (who the fuck even are you anyway?) and project it on to someone else who is zero per cent boring. I couldn’t be boring if you paid me to be.

SO BORING! Bahah you wish you were this cute. AGAIN! I repeat: I haven’t seen your facebook profile picture change, not once, in the three+ some-odd years, that you have stalkily added me to your profile. Do any of your other friends on facebook blog like me? I ask nothing of you, I expect less than nothing. Your insult is meaningless against me and is actually a compliment.

I love BC but am just wondering why so many trolls hail from BC and hate on my blog. What is it about my blog and BC? I think BC is in love with me actually.

Sorry for not jumping out of a cake right now! I already had a mega-retarded publicity stunt burlesque show the suicide week prior to holidays thanks.

Boring? Please. My blog has been holding the 10k north american rank steady for two weeks now. I am killing it, not snoring it. It’s sad that one day all chicks blow their fuse on me for some dumb reason or other. Let me repeat, The proof is in the stats pudding I am in the 10,000 rank in all of North America, this blog. Boring blogs do not rank this highly you stupid FUCKING idiot.

No you’re not talking about my hair? Why would you be? Look at it you mousy slob. I am smokin’ hot.

Sorry guys for dragging it up again it just trickles in during moments when nothing is wrong. I am not saying I am an angel but I know that I have hundreds of days behind me where-in I have overcome the desire to leave a shitty comment on someone’s blog, despite being one who spends a lot of time on the internet. I see my blog as a photo album I update every day like this is my life la-dee-dah I need to keep traffic rolling so I throw content up whatever it is it’s new and people keep coming. No it’s not boring, it’s me and my dog smiling happy on Christmas eve-eve sorry your life blows.

Anyway I just keep being me. Like I don’t worry about my looks daily like any other person on this earth might. I do worry about other shit too. But not really. Ha. On MTV they were like you don’t know who Jenna Marbles is? No fuck off who cares I’m busy. They stoke the flames to get you going and a lot of it is mean-spirited too, they make you think they think the world of you but they don’t, they hate you. It’s going to be a good show. Jan 17. Right after Jersey Shore I already lift my shirt up all the time like The Situation anyway heheh.

I don’t know what’s boring about drinking with your boyfriend in the living room cos he has two weeks off work and you just got back in town after a killer bender with your family out in the burbs and we are now going over stuff we want to do like a spa a resort medieval times anything, Quebec yay! I have extra disdain sprinkled contempt for those whom hate this time of year. I am just done with negativity and then they are like, oh, no you aint’s!

Put your hands up if you worked your ass off this year and gave it your all!

Ps. this shirt has a striped matching loosey-goosey undershirt to go along with it’s so dope and no I am not telling you where it came from.

25 thoughts on “There’s a reason why hater rhymes with masturbator

  1. well not to be redundant (you already know I think you rule) but for every hater there’s like at least 10 little raymis out there that love you. your blog is anything but boring and yes you are looking amazing. sorry there’s so much hate especially on the holidays that sucks.

  2. I loove your birdcage veil fascinator! *swoon* if I was 40 Ilbs lighter and lived in toronto id audition for your burlesque troupe. Its one of my goals in life to be a burlesque dancer. haha. Lookin good raymi. Much love and happy holidays! <3

  3. The first picture looks very kabuki or Boy George or Japanese music-hall. Trying to think of small-hat role-models but I’m only coming up with Magilla the Gorilla, oops! My brain can’t win them all.
    But I stand by my longtime observation that you can never take a BAD photo of Raymi. Scientists tried, just at the moment that she woke up, but the split-ends magically re-form, any wrinkles disappear, and any limbs squished underneath the body smooth out.

  4. The thing people don’t get is yes, you take alot of photos in different outfits doing strange things in your living room
    But thats the whole point
    when you get bored, you get creative and have an outlet to purge which is your blog.

    Then a nothing troll attacks
    and once again you go into an creative response of “attack the troll to death with my venom”

    again it translates to subjective art.

    Meanwhile the said troll is still negative, depressed and in a void of hatred nothingness.
    And is so addicted, keeps coming back for more.

  5. Nothing wrong with not knowing who Jenna Marbles is, I like her and stuff but for a long time when I was a kid I didn’t know who or what the fuck Harry Potter was until my parents made me read the third book first. POINT IS, you’re great and everyone always complains about the things they don’t like because they think mouthing off changes the world. It’s a waste of time if you ask me, you’re living your life and it’s a good thing for everybody.

  6. aww Raymi your post reminds me of one of the reasons I like you so much — you don’t take $hit! If it wasn’t a dorky outdated statement I’d say “You go girl!” lol.

  7. I knew who harry potter was before everyone else krista lol ;)

    This chick in question just finally jealousy snapped is all, it happens, and I do not forgive easily.

    Every so often I let a you go girl slip too erica and it’s suitable for this moment in internet time.

    mom black is so boring see you later!

  8. I love that person had to troll you through the training wheels of The Internet aka FaceBook. Blows me away all these people who have NOTHING to show for themselves who slam you? Idiotic.

  9. Teacher was shocked it came via facebook, he goes, that’s not public! Good point. I didn’t know anything about her and now nor will I.

  10. I really REALLY wish I could wrap my head around all of this. I just don’t GET IT! Why these people think that insulting you is a positive use of their energy when in reality they ARE reading your facebook posts and they ARE reading your blog…isn’t that what really matters? They’re reading…and that’s why you write, so others read. They’re IDIOTS because they’re proving themselves wrong just by typing a comment as that shows that they spent the time reading your status or twitter post or blog post.

    The only reason why people spread negativity is because they are either a) jealous, b) sad&lonely, c) bored as shit with nothing better to be do (probably cause their life sucks) and d) pathetic…or e) all of the above, which is the most likely answer.

    I personally think that you should just ignore all of these type of comments. Don’t give them the time of day by showing that you had time to write back. Ignore them. They’re NOT worth your time…and they’re trying to get under your skin, which if you’re writing back, might be working…just pretend they don’t exist because they honestly are not worth your time.

    These haters are envious of your life because quite frankly they probably work a boring office job, are stuck in a shitty relationship, have a crappy sex life, etc etc…their life sucks, yours doesn’t. End of story.

    Side note: You’re absolutely stunning and ya know what? If I’ve gotten anything from reading your blog it’s that you work hard. You worked hard to lose weight/get your body how you wanted it to be, you work hard at promoting your blog and doing what you love. You’re a hard worker and some of that comes naturally to you…and THAT’S why people hate you.

  11. This is my platform and they are commenting on my time, on my “baby” so to speak so it’s not a waste of time all the time to acknowledge their flames as it’s part of the job. Accusing anyone period of being boring is a tall order as once you open your mouth you are now in question, what right do you have to say this is boring? Quite the contrary I find, it’s winter and people are commenting again, interacting on my blob and it’s not what I blog it’s that I blog, the numbers jack up, every time I FB/tweet that I have updated (also the point of the fucking thing). If anything she/they fall in to the trap of expectations, to which they should have none because what they see is what they get here and if it’s going to be slutty or boring or banal, that’s my choice.

    Next up on the to attack list is my hair and age. Apparently I am not allowed to enjoy any of my life because there is always something to fix about it, split ends? Fuck you I am notorious for split ends cos I like long locks and IRL no one cares or notices, you left a shitty remark on a post where I put up photos of unwashed Christmas shopping hair, where I left me for last, goddammit. And then I looked aged in my burlesque photos? Fat chance there too more like my body is slammin’ and you would never have the balls to do that. Anyone who leaves shitty comments after burlesque shows is immediately canceled out and I think women should be banned from vommenting sometimes until they focus on their own blogs hair faces and/or “being interesting”.

    My friend Clem said that when he is stressed or sad, he just works harder, which is likely an asian thing but it’s true. If your life is fucked DO it better then. Be proactive. If people hate me for doing my life and being hardworking they are focusing on the wrong thing and should stop reading my blog. I want things so I work hard for them and then I get them. I invented this blog out of nothing and made it what it is all by myself, no one taught me or held my hand so how can someone else not totally do the same too? Stop whining.

  12. Split ends? Fuuuuuck, who DOESN’T have split ends?? Like really, is that all they got…nice one. Aged? Are they FUCKING kidding…you’ve NEVER looked better and as someone who as read and followed your blog for a few years, I can honestly say that. You look freaking INCREDIBLE! (You’re my January motivation by the way, time to get toned!) You look so good…they’re all fucked…that’s all I have to say, haha ;)

  13. raymi baby you have lots of BC love right here in my little heart. I am sorry that some little ugly troll decided to make you the target of her haterade. here in BC, we have a lot of girls that like to make themselves look ugly on purpose, so, don’t be surprised. they don’t call them the wetcoast hippies for nothing.

    you are lovely.


  14. well i dont exactly think i’ve looked like dog shit everyday up to right now hahah but i see what you mean yes i look good and am preserving as much as is poss with the raymi tried and true celebrity diet which seems to be working. stress + pigging out + restricting + booze = yay! Oh dance and weights and sit-ups too. People say the older you get the harder it is to stay fit, that is lazy giving up people talk. I find that the weight doesn’t want to stay on now cos it’s like this body is too old for fat on it you had your chance. (i will probably balloon up in a couple years again haha). You look great too carly!

    I keep forgetting that I had an iud taken out in the spring and that is when the majority of my weight came off. Anything hormonal will affect a woman’s ability to lose weight.

    Hey gina! I forgot about the uber anti-feminist feminists whom actually do the opposite of female empowerment with their crotchety ways. We’ve all had that phase, it doesn’t make me fake to give a shit about my looks and preen myself.

  15. Thanks for all the entertainment the past few weeks. I’ve never been a big fan of burlesque (before my time if you can believe that), but, you’ve sure made an old ‘art form’ seem alot more interesting!!! Very uber entertaining. All true artists will be attacked at some point, I’ve never figured this out even after 31 years of teaching. It’s just the way humans are, never happy to just sit back and enjoy, some just have to open their big mouths and prove how stupid they truly are with their opinions… Thank goodness for artists like u!

  16. I get shit on a lot for ‘always dressing up and putting make up on’ and not dressing down. And I don’t apologize. And you shouldn’t either!

  17. you must hang out with slobs or sloppy men or people with natural beauty. The only people I ever bother to make aesthetic critiques on are 1. famous people in movies who will never hear it therefore don’t count. 2. colleague and/or teacher (where it affects me, business/appearance/happiness) I would never tell any of my friends oh, so much makeup today! Or Nice stupid pants (ok maybe I would, the pants thing) If it’s someone’s look to always dress up or down, or freaky, that is their personal taste and not to be fucked with, like, that sweater is an extension of their boring existence which they are happy with apparently so why are they harping on you and your joy of cute bows and makeup? I love the theatrical and glamorous and will be wearing makeup until i am dead will probably die putting on makeup or looking in a mirror.

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